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By Admin, July 2, 2015 0

Once in a while a game will be announced that you get excited for. Could be because it’s a sequel to a game you liked, could be because you played a fun demo or simply because it looked cool. Well… Read More »

By Admin, July 2, 2015 0 A Cast For Crows, Podcast

Greetings Dead Screen fans, and welcome back to our Game of Thrones-based podcast “A Cast For Crows.” We’re sorry for missing the last couple of weeks but today we bring you the first of what will be a two-part recap… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, June 25, 2015 0 News

Apparently, this will be the final Paranormal Activity movie (we’ll see), but today, the first trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has been released. This movie is supposed to answer all the questions from the previous movies. We are… Read More »

By Admin, June 18, 2015 0

Have you ever seen something so adorably cute you just had to run away screaming!? …I have. Adorable blobs of jello, cute tiny skeletons, friendly faced tree stumps, the stuff nightmares are made of! “Spooky’s House of Jump Scares” asks… Read More »

By Andrew Auger, June 17, 2015 1

The transitions from childhood to young-adulthood to eventual adulthood can be stressful and confusing, to say the least. As we… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, June 14, 2015 0

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 22 years since we first took a visit to the island of Isla… Read More »

By Andrew Auger, June 7, 2015 0

In a male-dominant Hollywood, actresses such as Melissa McCarthy continue to give the ladies a strong fighting chance. While McCarthy… Read More »

By Andrew Auger, June 6, 2015 0

The future that Tomorrowland prophesizes for us is dire and desolate. Images of manmade destruction litter the arrangements of screens… Read More »

By Admin, June 5, 2015 0 News

Welcome back to episode 8 of A Cast For Crows, as Drew, Alexa and Joe discuss the fantastic Game of Thrones episode titled “Hardhome”. We go in depth about Cersei’s increasing struggles to survive in her prison cell, Theon finally… Read More »

By Admin, May 28, 2015 0 A Cast For Crows, Podcast

Valar Dohaeris, Dead Screen readers, and welcome to our latest segment of A Cast For Crows! Drew/Andy, Alexa and Joe tackle the depths of Game of Thrones episode 7, titled “The Gift”. Topics this week include: Cersei’s arrest and what… Read More »