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By John Frazier, July 18, 2013 1 Editorials

According to Gary Carr, Lionhead Studios’ Creative Director, Microsoft if going to reveal new policies toward publishing on Xbox One for indie devs “very soon.” I have every expectation that MS will pull another “180” and implement self-publishing. Here’s why:… Read More »

By Alexandra Brueckner, June 17, 2013 51 Editorials

With Matt Smith’s announcement that he’s leaving Doctor Who after this year’s Christmas episode still fresh in Whovians’ minds, The Twelfth Doctor has reportedly already been cast. But that hasn’t stopped every Who fan – this one included –from casting… Read More »

By Alexandra Brueckner, June 8, 2013 187 Editorials

When Matt Smith announced that he’d be leaving Doctor Who after this yearend’s Christmas special, you’d have thought someone had died, judging from my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Reactions ranged from “WHY, MATT SMITH, WHYYYYYY?!” to “The next Doctor will… Read More »

By Landon Defever, May 7, 2013 218 Editorials

The Office will say its final goodbyes on May 16, 2013. In memory the show, I took the liberty of compiling my top 25 episodes of the show from all of seasons 1-9. Get ready, Dunder Mifflinites. Here we go…… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, April 1, 2013 510 Editorials

When I first started watching “Mad Men,” Betty Draper quickly became one of my favorite characters and this scene might have had just a little to do with it. But as I became a more active watcher of the period drama, I… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, April 1, 2013 72 Editorials

Megan Calvet came, she saw, she said it was a one time thing and then suddenly became Don Draper’s hot, new and much noticeably younger wife. She’s French-Canadian, an actress, “glamazon” and a woman-child. There are many sides to the… Read More »

By Tim Dodderidge, January 16, 2013 0 Editorials

The Dead Screen staff voted for their favorites in 2012: movies, celebrities, TV shows, and games. Check out the site’s cumulative award winners for each category. Movie of the Year: The Avengers Other Nominees: Argo, The Dark Knight Rises, Django… Read More »

By Admin, December 9, 2012 949 Editorials

I’m very vocal about my love to J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth and all its glory – both the novels and film. The Lord of the Rings holds the top spot in both my favorite books and favorite films of all… Read More »

By Chris Fadeley, September 25, 2012 20 Editorials

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but copying others now seems to be the norm in the video game industry. It’s been the same story over and over again, a game comes out with a new mechanic… Read More »