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By Murjani Rawls, January 27, 2015 20 News

In what looks like a darker reiteration of the previous movie versions, Fox has unveiled the first trailer for the reboot of Fantastic Four. We’ve heard that this movie has been in developmental hell and hints to tie-ins with the… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, January 14, 2015 191 News

I’m going to say for the record that this is strictly a rumor at this point. As reported by Latino Review, a deal has went through with Sony and Marvel. This was initially hinted at with the big Sony Hack… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, January 13, 2015 324 News

“I’m gunna tear you apart….from the inside” Are you ready yet? The new trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron looks every bit of dark and dreary as one could imagine. We have a Hulk vs. Hulkbuster fight, some more dialogue… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, January 12, 2015 0 News

“We’re murderers, Francis”. “We’re survivors”. I don’t know how excited you are, but I’m ready to get my binge watch on. Netflix has just released the trailer for the third season of House Of Cards. There’s quick shots with A… Read More »

By Murjani Rawls, January 7, 2015 947 News

It’s been often delayed with a switch in the director’s chair, but the first trailer for Ant-Man is finally here. It’s stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglass, and Evangeline Lilly. The movie is also directed by Peyton Reed. It’s good to… Read More »

By David Roa, October 15, 2014 138 News

Today Warner Brother’s has released a press release detailing it’s aggressive plan to release a ton of new movies in the coming years. It has been announced that they will release 3 more Lego movies (The first one made around $470 million… Read More »

By David Roa, October 15, 2014 30 News

Richard Plepler, HBO Chairman and CEO, has just announced that HBO GO will launch a stand alone service in 2015! “There is huge opportunity in front of us… we will use all means at our disposal to go after it,”… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, March 16, 2014 0 News

It’s prime time for pathos.

By David Roa, January 31, 2014 180 News

A few weeks ago, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Larry David were spotted at the iconic Tom’s Restaurant aka “Monks Cafe”. Speculation ranged between a Seinfeld reunion, a Super Bowl commercial, or a new episode of Jerry’s great new show… Read More »

By Admin, December 22, 2013 961 News

We here at Dead Screen are going to close out the year the only way you should – by playing video games to help raise money! Blow is our statement form the Extra Life page. We will be playing to… Read More »