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By David Roa, December 16, 2013 379 News

This is a followup to our previous post The day after Brian Griffin got killed we laid out the groundwork of why it wasn’t true. 1. Too many Back to the Future references (True) 2. The car that hit Brian… Read More »

By Jason Gardner, August 5, 2013 111 News

In a new column on Dead Screen, we want to periodically keep you in tune with what we’re watching (or playing) in between keeping up with new releases and visiting old favorites. The inaugural edition reveals we’re a gamer heavy… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, August 2, 2013 1,143 Editorials, News

You know that friend you have, whom you’ve tried to convince to finally get into “Mad Men” but doesn’t start watching until the last season? Don’t be that friend. Summer TV is a lot of things: funny, fresh, anticipated and,… Read More »