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AHS Freakshow
American Horror Story: Freakshow: S4E1 “Monsters Among Us” ()
October 9, 2014 -

Let me go ahead and say for the record that I like the Tim Burton-esque spin with the opening credits…. Read More »

The Maze Runner Review ()
September 21, 2014 -

In this Hunger Games era that we live in, films such as The Maze Runner have a tendency to struggle… Read More »

turtles 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review ()
August 27, 2014 -

Let me take you back to the year 1984. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird were searching for inspiration, a new… Read More »

hercules 4
Hercules Review ()
August 8, 2014 -

If somebody had told me 10 years ago that the next major action star in waiting would come from the… Read More »

Guardians of the Galaxy poster
“Guardians of the Galaxy” Review ()
August 6, 2014 -

Now Dark Knight trilogy aside, Marvel has been kicking DC’s collective ass with it’s “phase” initiative on the big screen…. Read More »

Begin Again Review ()
August 4, 2014 -

I haven’t had the proper chance to fall in love with the 2007 musical Once like the rest of the… Read More »

Edge of Tomorrow Review ()
August 4, 2014 -

I talked to three separate people in advance of the release of Edge of Tomorrow who said they wanted to… Read More »

The Purge: Anarchy Review ()
July 24, 2014 -

Sequels! Hollywood has fallen in love with the concept of potential franchises to the point even the slightest of hits… Read More »

Transformers: Age of Extinction Review ()
June 30, 2014 -

There comes a few certain times in our lives where we engage in a ritual, a certain rite of passage… Read More »

how to train 1
How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review ()
June 22, 2014 -

It’s arguably the toughest task in the moviemaking business to top a runaway success. The sequel is an art form… Read More »