Film Reviews

The Guilt Trip - Poster
The Guilt Trip ()
January 5, 2013 -

I’m a big Seth Rogen fan, so when I saw that he was starring in a comedy about going on… Read More »

Lincoln - Poster
Lincoln ()
November 23, 2012 -

Abraham Lincoln is and will always be my favorite president. Though I don’t really know what the man was truly… Read More »

Looper - Poster
Looper ()
October 9, 2012 -

The problem with time travel movies is that they usually struggle to balance these three things: a) realistic portrayal of… Read More »

Dead Space Aftermath - Promo
Dead Space: Aftermath ()
September 22, 2012 -

The crossover of movie to video games and back again has been the bane of many gamers’ existence for years… Read More »

Resident Evil Retribution - Poster
Resident Evil: Retribution ()
September 21, 2012 -

The entire premise of a Resident Evil movie adaption seems to be one of exaggeration compared to the almost believable storyline of… Read More »

Total Recall - Poster
Total Recall ()
August 14, 2012 -

When I first saw the original Total Recall, I was amazed not only by the generous portions of heavy-duty action and… Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises ()
July 29, 2012 -

The Dark Knight Rises caps off the greatest superhero trilogy in movie history with one of the biggest, baddest, most extensive,… Read More »

The Amazing Spider-Man ()
July 20, 2012 -

Marc Webb’s first installment in the reincarnation of Spider-Man seems to be a bit overshadowed by the premiere of the… Read More »