Server Overload and Failed Launches


Readers, at the end of the day the reason I am writing this article is simply out of ignorance and confusion.  I work in the tech industry and have written network based applications.  I’ve even written a video server. I understand how all this works.  And, that is why I am confused.  Why is it that year after year we continue to see the same thing over and over: server overload on launch day.

First time I truly experienced a day one server overload was Half-Life 2.  Steam nowadays is hailed as the savior of PC gaming, but it “officially” launched along side Half-Life 2, and what a disastrous launch it was.  I remember the day, freshman year of high school.  I had already downloaded a pre-install with hopes that the second I got home I’d download a little quick fix and boom I’d be playing the most anticipated PC game of all time.

But that’s not what happened.  What ensued were server issues causing my game to neither fully download nor properly verify – causing me to stay up all night for no reason.  It happened again years later with the launch of Battlefield 1943 on Xbox 360.  I stayed home sick and needing something to do. I noticed the game was being released that day and I joyfully I realized I had something to do all day between vomiting.  Or so I thought.  Again server issues.  Can’t play.  Game essentially broken.

So, at a fundamental level I understand how everything works.  Take for example a web server;  A web server hosts certain files and scripts.  When I request a webpage, I send a request to a server, the server processor (CPU) processes the request (typically grabbing an HTML file) and sends back the file.  It might also run some additional items on the CPU like PHP scripts.  Basically this is a very simple operation.  Check out my beautiful drawing below.

Server Overload

The problem for web servers is there may be many people requesting the server to do a task at the exact same time.  And if the request completion time sending data back out can’t be completed at the rate that people are requesting data in you get a bottleneck.

In a video server a user requests a file.  I retrieve this file and chop it up into little packets, add a wrapper around it for syncing at the other end and out I send them one by one as a steady stream.  All servers come down to requests being processed.

Imagine a funnel that we all pour water into from our individual hoses (no dirty jokes please).  Well that funnel might be able to handle one or two of us pouring into it, but if we keep adding more and more water into the hose from other sources, eventually it will overflow.  Again, I have accurately drawn this for you below in case you aren’t following.

What happens in an overload

And how do you stop this overflow?  You get a bigger funnel, get more funnels, make the funnel more efficient, or lastly you shoot some of the people pouring water into the funnel so they stop.  Basically, it is the same concept with servers.  Those requests pile up and the server can’t handle them and doesn’t let them in.  The only way to fix this is to get a bigger faster server or more of them.

A crappy website might have a single, small server because they do not expect that many people making requests.  Hence why if an unpopular website suddenly becomes very popular by posting something cool that goes viral very quickly, its server can’t handle this amount of new requests.  And it explodes. Actually it typically just locks up and restarts itself.  And then gets hit by a bunch of requests again and locks up and restarts and so on.  Essentially the server is “down”.  That small website didn’t prepare for that amount of traffic, hence the server overload is understandable.  But we are talking triple A games that every gamer on the planet wants to play.  You can plan for the traffic to be gigantic.

Now I started with web-servers because they are very basic to understand.  And I’ve never actually coded any net code for games, but again it all works on the same logic.  I load a level in Call of Duty and every action I perform gets sent to a server who then dishes this action out to the other players.  And it does the same for them.

So, when I shoot a bullet on my TV at player , that action is sent to the server and then sent to player 2 in China and it renders this bullet being shot on his screen.  And it hopefully hits him in the face and kills him.  Hence,there sometimes is lag because the bullet I shot may take 5 seconds to get to China and by then a ton of other actions have taken place and everything has to re-sync and basically you get mad and throw your controller.  But lag is beyond the scope of this document.

This is where we get to the point of this article,  and why I am confused.  Again, for all I know I am completely missing something and I’d love for someone to fill me in.  The day of Diablo 3’s launch, Blizzard has a certain amount servers they allocated for players to use.  You do some simple math here.  You run a beta test and you know how many servers are needed per person for the game to run smoothly.  You then try to determine how many players are most likely to play at launch at any one point.  You then use this estimation and calculate the amount of servers most likely necessary for everyone to play smoothly.

This is where we come to our issue.  Time and time again this “estimation” fails.  I don’t know why.  We are pretty accurate in knowing the amount of people that will play the game.  You have pre-order numbers, past histories and whatnot.  In the case of Grand Theft Auto V, you actually have the physical number of copies purchased because the online portion launched a full month later.  This isn’t a small website suddenly killed by unexpected viral traffic.  No, this is a launch that is foreseen and, supposedly, calculated to the T.

So, the only thing I can guess is the fact that servers cost money.  So if you were to over estimate the amount of players that are going to play on launch, well then you aren’t using all your servers and essentially you are wasting money.

But, is this money being wasted really worth the risk of completely alienating your fan base? Grand Theft Auto V was running on an absolute high.  I loved the game.  Critics adored it (it has a 97/100 on metacritic aggregation).  It was crowned the fastest selling game of all time.  Fast forward a month to the launch of Grand Theft Auto V’s online portion (GTA Online), and it is a different scenario.  I understood the typical launch day issues, but then day 2 came, and then 3, and then 4…  It wasn’t until a full 2 weeks later that the game’s servers got to a point I would call “stable” enough to be playable.

Now when I think of GTA V, the fact the single player was so perfect is always going to be placed next to this soiled launch.  Even though in the end this isn’t that big of a deal, a bad taste is still left in my mouth.

What really is driving me nuts is the fact that this keeps happening.  Over and over again.  Within the last year and a half we have had Diablo 3, FF XIV, Sim City, and GTA V Online all unplayable at launch.  And these aren’t little multiplier indie games that didn’t see it coming (see the web-server analogy where a small website gets overloaded with unforeseen popularity), these are triple A games.  Everyone knows that GTA V and Diablo 3 would sell.  It’s a given.  So, why not just buy more servers for launch and if you overestimate then just roll them back?  Money lost, possibly, but don’t you think the damage you have done to your fan base greatly outweighs the money lost on over estimating?  I have friends who say they will never buy a Sim City game again strictly because of the soiled launch of the most recent one.

Can anyone explain to me like I’m 5?  I understand bugs and glitches at launch, but these aren’t related to server overload issues.  These bugs are simply logic errors in the game that weren’t seen prior to launch. I want to know what really happens at a failed launch involving server overload and what happens in the days following.  Is it really this simple and publishers and developers just keep messing up?  Or is there something more complicated going on?  Someone let me know.


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Author: Chris Fadeley View all posts by
I am UF alumni and a computer engineer. I know virtually every useless fact about videogames ever. I like computers and potatoes.

944 Comments on "Server Overload and Failed Launches"

  1. Ryan Atkinson November 8, 2013 at 7:43 am - Reply

    Part of it is the fact that their system isn’t tested and optimized. Another part is the system goes from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes, the pure amount of requests per second is silly. There are 2 parts to an MMO server, the game world server and the logon server. The logon server is what is glitchy most of the time. It is made to process 100 or so requests per minute, cause that is what normal traffic will be, but on launch day, you have tens of thousands trying to get access all at the same time. Another part is on first start up new data has to be written to the drives for a new player/account. Data writing and retrieval is one of the slowest processes in a computer. Coupling just these two issues together and you get why launch days are usually a problem. And of course, there are always freak errors with something as complex as an online game that just cannot be foreseen.

    • Chris Fadeley November 8, 2013 at 2:13 pm - Reply

      You make some good points. That does make a lot of sense. Thanks!

      • Anisha July 8, 2018 at 10:20 am - Reply

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        Very cool, I liked this. I went back and read the other posts (I’d missed some, somehow when I put your blog on my sidebar I’d linked to a specific post and so when I came back here it looked like you hadn’t posted anything. I know. Doh!)…anyway, this post added a whole new level of texture to the plot. I definitely want to read more.

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        Che spettacolo :-DE anche stavolta mi dai da pensare :-)L'ultima volta che ho immaginato il mio futuro fu a scuola, per un compito in classe… Feci entrare in depressione la mia prof, che, leggendo un futuro in cui ero addirittura nonna ( °_° ), disse frignando: "Ma io per allora sarò morta! :'( " XD

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        A couple of typos that I found: In the opening timeline you write that in 1971 “Barack Obama Sr Visits Hawaii,this is the last to Barack Jr will see his fatheralive.” Also, on page 37 you refer to Harold Washington as “the first black mayor of Washington.” It, of course should be the first black mayor of Chicago. I only point these out to help you since I think that this is a great book so far!

      • snuggler,We recently finished a kitchen like you describe, but did not go over the top on anything — nice things but not top of the line — and we spent $75,000, and that was with my doing some of the work tearing out and reflooring.A bath could run $10-$15,000 I would guess.

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        Sounds like you have a great year laid out. My husband almost accepted a job in VA and we looked into a school that gave the kids a free 4 year ride to college too. If we moved there, we definitely would have done that. Good deal. Hard for the first 4 years, but pays off in the end.~FringeGirl

      • July 12, 2018 at 2:38 pm - Reply

        All of these fool (Steve Harvey, Hill Harper, etc) and their "how to live" books are just asking for their dirty laundry to be aired.

      • viagra pas cher sans ordonnance femme July 12, 2018 at 4:31 pm - Reply

        I too was disappointed in Zuven’s decision. I loved the book but the ending was so open that I didn’t feel happy when I finished it. The story and the characters were great but the ending was not as fulfilling as it could have been, it didn’t all fall into place and that was a great disappointment.

      • ægte viagra vejle July 12, 2018 at 6:44 pm - Reply

        Just dropped into CA… My bad.McIntyre sure does coddle the loonies. Certainly, he’s plenty vague and doesn’t directly and explicitly claim “fraud” or “conspiracy” or “coverup”, but he does let his minions blabber on and on about how evil and wrong climate scientists are…And McI is considered a credible and legitimate skeptic by Curry? [DC: -edit- Let’s keep it civil please. Thanks!]

      • durata viagra 50 July 12, 2018 at 8:48 pm - Reply

        I was just hearing about this book and how good it's supposed to be! I'm a follower via GFC and one thing I thing you should know by 30 is how to live by yourself and appreciate it.

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        #239 ClottDown here its called an ego but up north its just typical Jersey shore attitude.Like if you meet my Italian friends anywhere else its called arguing. In Jersey its forplay.

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        You are truly a blessed child. May god continue to shine his light upon your life. I love you withAll myHeart and soul. You make me so very proud to call you son.

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        First, I love all the artists spotlighted. Joy, Bilal, Tweet & Dwele. However, I don’t think any of them added that “special something” that re-worked any of these classics. I love their diversity, but no one stood out and I have issues w/anyone singing Donnay Hathaway. He just can’t be touched.

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        i’m sure your father would have her name or contact…if not, you could always use facebook to search up her name or something.start a group, spread a message etcetc…

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        Very interesting details you have noted , thankyou for posting . “Women have been trained to speak softly and carry a lipstick. Those days are over.” by Bella Abzug.

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        I usually use primary and bright colors but shy away from neons. Thanks for showing that a little bit of neon can make pages really pop without being too much.

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        snavy…must have been a popular song! and re: padiddle…..very cool tha youk now about it, most ppl look at me like i am nuts when i speak of, glad you enjoyed. i really enjoyed this tag and look forward to reading yours!

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        A mí me pareció muy simple. La reacción de los personajes, su incredulidad pero su credulidad final, es muy insustancial. No me gustó para nada, de hecho el final tuve que adelantarlo para no perder tanto tiempo de mi preciada vida. Que conoció a tal y cual personaje histórico y que fue juanito hace 2000 años es original, pero no se queda en nada más que eso: originalidad.

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        Congrats to both of your friends! I’m also a holiday baby and can’t imagine how my parents juggled all of that during such a frenzied time of year. This is such a lovely recipe (and gift). I cook with beet and carrot juice a lot — especially with hearty grains like these. It also makes a gorgeous (and festive) risotto. Happy New Year, Nicole! xo

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        “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

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        The prizes are great, esp that first prize too but who am I kidding… dah la tak artistic langsung, lagi want to do fluid art??? Hahahahhahahahahaha! :$My recent post

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        Great post. I have been at conferences where people are doing book talks for teachers and librarians and use the back matter is proof that the author did good work–those and the acknowledgments one makes to experts who provided time and info.

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        Unfortunately, ‘Rodeohead’ is for real – it was the title of a medley by an LA duo called Hard N’ Firm, and consists of several Thom Yorke songs performed in a comedy bluegrass stylee.But in the spirit of Alex’s post, how about the Washington DC outfit who discovered a New Romantic element to their percussive funk sound, and gave us Kajagogo?

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        MarkFYI the eclipse in North America that you’re probably referring to is in August 2017. In (May)2012 there is an eclipse in North America but is NOT a total, even on the main path. Instead, it’s an annular: at maximum eclipse you’ll see a ring of sunlight around the dark disc of the moon. Idaho does not lie within the path of annularity.But (parts of) Idaho do see the full totality in August 2017. Perhaps you’ll see both eclipses– I’d love to read your report(s)

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        Hi Sophie, I've never commented before but I laways read your blog and follow you on everything so…:)I just wanted to tell you I love reading your blog and your mouse flats are super cute!! I've loved them forever. I always want them in all the colors they keep coming out with – esp. glitter – anyway your awesome!!

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        my point is that this seems to bolster the "warm winter blip" hypothesis and make arguments about the economy getting better look questionable. Mark has mistaken the benefits from an abnormally warm winter for signs of an economic recovery. I think that the actual data tells us a different story, which is why the Fed will go ahead and do another round of QE or something similar to avoid a crash.

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        “if Crump does not flee the country first”Hi Myopiafree – I’ve been glued to these threads this morning, and had this same thought. As it all comes crumbling down, I’m sure this same thought has crossed some of the Schemers’ minds. I think it’s time for the defense to ask Judge Nelson for some passports.

      • Schritte viagra bekommen July 14, 2018 at 1:15 am - Reply

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        And somewhere in the middle are the library staff, who aren't allowed to speak out for fear of their livelihoods.Besides, what's wrong with giving children the facts and letting them make up their own minds? Oh, wait a minute, because to a one they will tell you that library services shouldn't be cut! And that's something that neither the councils nor the government want to hear.

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        Não se preocupe tanto. O que vale para o Corinthians, vale para os outros e além disso, a janela pode ser antecipada, como foi o ano passado a pedido do Inter. Mas existem bons jogadores aqui no Brasil que não precisam de janela. O Emerson (Flu) é um deles.

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        Notice that the obot/demRats only break their STUPID boycott to post personal attacksBEST TO JUST IGNORE THE obot/demRatsWe true conservatives had great intelligent discussions for the past 4 days while the obot/demRats were “out of here.” The personal attacks, lies and obot/demRat BS should NOT be tolerated on any conservative blogs.Just as I predicted, the obots would be banned from all other conservative blogs and would break their own boycott to come back and disrupt CW.

      • July 14, 2018 at 9:06 am - Reply

        10-12-11ania spune: incearca te rog pasii urmatori:preferences -> video-> deselecteaza checkboxul optiunii black screens blablanu sunt sigura daca apare la fel si in versiunea ta dar merita incercat +3V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

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        over an unnamed source every day of the week. At this point, it seems Jim Buss is up to his old PR tricks again. Why not wait until Monday to hire D’Antoni? He’s not going anywhere. The most likely scenario for not waiting an extra day is Jim was desperate to hire D’Antoni before Phil announced his decision on Monday.

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        håller med de andra, sjukt cool sminkning, tycker det skulle vara roligt att se mer bilder från maskeraden på dig och din vän

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        Oh my gosh how FUN! I can't wait to see what you do! I wish that I had a bathroom large enough to have a mantel in it…or a "spare" mantel hanging around…you have the coolest stuff. Say hi to your mom for me! xo :)

      • cialis mg 50 July 14, 2018 at 3:25 pm - Reply

        Perhaps the one thing progressives and tea partiers agree on is aggressive prosecution of crimes. We the folks support prosecution of all sorts of bad actors. I think we will vote for any administration that improves prosecution.

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        I love to look through photos of period style rooms in museums and heritage homes. I take the perfect proportions and color schemes and modernize them. They knew a thing or two about design back then.

      • I have to say I use my check card for 90% of my purchases. I pay for the remainder with cash. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a check. All my bills are paid with auto withdrawl. I will say there is one aspect of check cards or credit card payment that bothers me. When I go to the Valley Dairy and grab a soda I have the $1.49 in cash in my pocket. Who uses their check card for a bottle of soda?

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        Everything separately is great. Trust me, I love big loose shirts and I definitely own my fair share of mary-jane flats. But the pants are too tight; it bothers me! I'm sorry, but this mixture is so sloppy.

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        Please make an option for 4:3 videos to play without the pillar boxes! The black boxes are extremely annoying and really distract from watching the video! Plus everyone who has videos in 4:3 will feel inferior! For people who already uploaded with letterboxing this is very inconvenient as they get an additionally smaller image! Isnt there a possibility to automatically recognize letterboxed videos and crop them?

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        The Blake Shelton special was hilarious!! I love your blog and am your newest follower… maybe you'd like to hop on over and follow me back? ;-)

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        Frost already? Wow, that’s early. Glad you were at least able to visit with your parents! Love Gouda cheese, especially smoked Gouda. Will have to try this one![]

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        Frank as it is in every country´s politics, Only those fight for some cause who are well fed in their belly and few inches down.Bus conductors, pilots and nurses etc. fight only for their wage hike.Let me know..where you stand?From those to whom much is given, much is expected!

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        having trouble with them too. currently my entire site and all users erased! tech support ran me around but eventually told me to open a ticket. how long will that take!?crossing fingers waiting to see if they have backups of everything…

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        Personnellement, c’est la version piment que je tenterais bien, en suivant le reste de ta recette, vu qu’en bon kitchen plouc, j’ai pas de poivre de Sichuan, et même pour tout dire, en ce moement, j’ai même pas de poivre du tout, vu que j’ai oublié d’en prendre l’autre jour à Cora. ;o)

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        As a neighbor of yours, north of Philadelphia in New Hope, PA, I thought I’d comment, too. I like it. I know who Chelsea Handler is and I like that part. I like the whole thing and I’d ask for pages.

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      • What a nonsensical defense, pcv. Or are you GAC’s alter-ego?And btw, unless you know a man who uses “icky” in his conversation — I don’t — GAC is a female, who happens to be an airhead member of the I Heart Chávez fan club. We are worried about her mental health during these very difficult days for her #1 patient in Cuba who, it seems, might not make it.

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        I like that he is in shape. Most of the coaches really put on the weight over time. Maybe from all the stress from being a coach. A lot of pressure. Al through being a goalie is probably more.

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        Howie, what would it take for us, the U.S., to contemplate the same thing? I'm frustrated this coverup is not getting the traction that's needed to effect action. As you point out, we can't ask our Congress to intercede – they're just as complicit.

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        haha… punyent, molt punyent! Has fet un bon retrat dels blocaires, sí senyor! Sí freakis vol dir que anem per lliure…si això ens apropa a alguna mena de llibertat (ni que sigui d’expressió) ja servirà d’alguna cosa.enhorabona!

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        JS – do me a favor. Watch Beck’s show last night (Friday, Jan. 29). It was a heck of a show and he not only spoke to the complicity of Ds but also Rs. It was a great education and I encourage everyone to watch it, but especially you, JS. If you are going to run for office you need to watch the show. You’ll see why after you’ve watched it.

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        I didn’t want FAITHFUL PLACE to end either! Probably my favorite read of the year. French is great with capturing people and places.I think THE LIKENESS reminded me of THE SECRET HISTORY because of the shared living situation and relationships between the people living there. The dynamics, down to the controlling friend, were similar to me.

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        Actually Pbrain, you’ll see both sides move to the center over the next two years. Right wing zealots can no longer be a stumbling block.A more accurate preview of the speech is “both sides must work together”.

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        I don’t see anywhere that I am defending Hatch.In fact, I have put him in the category of “thief”…I have also put forth and support the idea of term limits on ALL elected offices.All of what you post is also a big reason the TEA Party is looking for a viable replacement for Hatch… I don’t see where we disagree on this one.

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        An interesting post James and I agree that Simon Hughes was implying being gay would diminish his leadership chances. I think the LD’s problem stems from a generation further back with Jeremy Thorpe and certain parts of the party still haven’t got over that.

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      • 5:34 pm, October 4, 2012|I see some interesting comments and opinions here, the trailere does look good and and it has similarities to othere films Ive seen but it does need a strong story with good actors over all. Rob is probably afraid of not casting Sheri because she will probably divorce him and take everything from him including all his years of hard work! LOL! All jokes aside I will see this in a local theatre and give my 2 cents later on down the road.

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        ed – watching Iggy’s clip again and thinking back to the original truth ad the CPC put out where Ignatieff’s coming down an escalator blowing kisses to his adoring subjects……who in this century DOES that??? Seriously, who does this man think he is and how arrogant and entitled does someone have to be to blow kisses?? Kind of fits with the whole Count Iggy of the Kingdom of Coalitiondome and his seemingly naive notion that he could just waltz into this country and be greeted by an adoring public.212e

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      • ENOUGH IS ENOUGHNotice there are no denials from P, except that P is one person, not a staff that includes FredP doesn’t deny working for the paper (either directly or indirectly)or that his/her job is to stir debate, increase the number of hits to the site and thereby enhance ad revenue.I think it’s sad that publishers are allowed to artificially increase its revenue by such cheap tactics. I suppose advertisers won’t mind because their ads are being viewed but eventually the public will feel used and bored to the point of changing channels.So Pbrain the jig is up. Reveal yourself as the paid hack that you are.

      • You could do a generation for each of the four seasons. Like, the icons for the Winter generation could be things that children have/use/do during winter, like Mittens, Snowman, Hot Cocoa (oops, probably don’t want to overlap with WB!), or Ice Skate.

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        Re DD’s- Just after Turnbull got it in the neck. They made the same mistake back in 94-5 when they didn’t do an election immediately after Downer went for Howard.As to Mr Denmore’s comment earlier, what doubles the wonder is that the public seem to go so hard against Gillard in the full sunburst of Murdoch media and press exposed.

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      • Whao that was embarrassing but you know it was cool you saw Brandon and my talent is singing and dancing I make a few songs like one called Christmas spirit right after cristmas in July

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        So much inspiration here I'm going to be pinning away! I'm totally going to do the grapevine chair wreaths next year, I love your little trophy cup and vintage ornaments and the chalkboard wreath! What time is dinner? :)

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      • Hard to not acknowledge that he can talk with the vigor of a NYC Hot Dog vendor. Funny how he blasts the Republicans when they speak with passion as he just did. Then again, disengenuousness is what he’s all about.

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        Methinks thou doth protest too much, Lew. Diversion? Lonsdale derailed this train before it got out of the station. I cannot now read or hear any denier argument without considering the 6 steps.

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        I find it very surprising and indicative of this ‘deal’ that not one other big business or major player in and around Edmonton has stepped up in any way to either support Katz or this development proposal.

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      • Perhaps it’s only flawed in that we didn’t have the advanced knowledge regarding Hitler that we do regarding Islam so we couldn’t have made an informed decision. With Islam, we know their goals and we know the demographic projections. But that’s what I love about GoV, lots of great ideas flowing freely.Shall we team up in the new year to explore our “humor” options?

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      • Well, for the month of October, Jessica is following along with that whole “blog every day on a certain topic” thing that’s going on. I, personally, seem to be too fickle to commit to that sort of project. But her choice of topics has resonated with me big time: 31 Days of Smelling the Roses.

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      • White pine trees are so lovely and so much a part of “up north,” it’s hard to imagine the BWCA or the Quetico without them. Yet from a forest ecology perspective, they have been for centuries a minor component of the overall forest. You see them more by the lakeshore, but inland they are more scarce. A great book about lob pines and other forest matters is the Ahlgren’s “Lob Trees in the Wilderness.” It goes through most of the common tree species and weaves in BWCA history and forest ecology as it goes.

      • The pic may or may not be real but you will find girls like that in Panama…….only they're not Panamanian girls, they're from other countries and to be honest there's not many women who look like that here, at least ones you'll see in the day.

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        Niet vanwege continuerende correspondentie, maar als zoon van een Amboneese KNIL-sergeant zou ik graag als verduidelijking van uw vraag nog het volgende willen weten: 1) Wat bedoelt u, ‘met interessant om te weten’?2) Wie rekent u tot de oorspronkelijke bewoners van Indonesia?

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        Complacency – wow. That’s not what I expected you to say and it is forcing me to sit here and re-evaluate my actions (or lack of) with regard to my husband. I have grown complacent – and a bit self-focused. Thanks for the wake up call this morning!

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      • i think hes obviously a bit of an arse. but as you say he’s arguably the best actor of this generation.the man was great in The Insider and LA Confidential. he can be as arsey as he wants after those

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        These look and sound delicious! I bought some metal skewers last summer with the intention of using them for bbq-ing … doesn’t go so well with my phobia of handling raw meat but I do believe this might be the recipe to finally get me to christen them.

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        Bentos – why’s that so weird? Surely it’s fair to argue that adverts aren’t just competing with other adverts for peoples’ attention any more? (And no, it’s also true to say that they never were, but people have more options than ever, etc, etc.) If you want people to take the time to pay attention to your ad, remember it and maybe even act on it, then yep, we absolutely are competing with that Chelsea chav – we’re competing with everything out there that’s of interest to people. No?

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      • esagerato…. ringrazio Bomboklatt per il suo invito (“senza polemica”?): “Meno nickname più cultura !!!!” ma esprimevo solamente la mia opinione, del tutto personale, che inevitabilmente può non essere condivisa…..ribadisco: il cd non mi convince, e credo di avere tutto il tempo per, liberamente, cambiare mio nick? è solo un gioco di parole col mio nome….non vi è alcuna intenzione di fare sfoggio di conoscenze che non ho….as-salam alaykum

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        MojaveLV / No. NOW you say “If Batman lied about the autopilot (which we know he did) then lying about the ejector seat is no issue.” WHAT!? NOW you want to use suspension of disbelief to back-up your subjective interpretation of an auteur’s work?! No. You also want to suspend your disbelief when it comes to the BATWING!!!!! It was vaporized! Do you even know the blast radius (instantaneous vaporization)? WHY then was the batwing was nearly hit by missiles?! Explain that? Underwater? Study Nolan! Fail.

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        Sjovt! Har netop bestilt denne, kunne ikke dy mig :-) Er også spændt på kvalitet og pasform, kender slet ikke mærket. Så godt der var et par andre derfra, som også var pæne.

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        LBacelar disse:Sobre os 1300 km…No gráfico informa que o Avião tem essa performance com combustível interno + externo, porém não cita quanto de combústivel externo, 1 drop tank? 2, 3?Essa informação está meio confusa se for 1300 km full realmente é uma capacidade muito aquém do concorrentes

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        Parce que t’as aussi peu de morale que le gars qui trompe sa blonde! Tsé c’est comme le canada qui ne torture personne mais qui utilise les informations obtenues par des tortionnaires dans d’autres pays pour une question de sécurité nationale…C’est comme les gars qui brandissent la bannière anti-pédophile mais qui rêvent d’aller au vietnam pour voir si ils ne pourraient pas se taper une tite fille.

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      • that “the credentials of the delegation of Israel do not cover that territory”. See & General Assembly resolution The Palestinians already have a resolution from the General Assembly stating that the option of a Palestian state is not subject to the peace process or any veto. So the inclusion of a clause recalling that should make the upgrade a done deal.

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        Could we similarly argue that CAFOD needs to get more involved with supporting the British nuclear power industry because of its positive impact on climate change?And would it equally support airport expansion in third world countries because on balance its contribution to economic growth and poverty reduction would outweigh the impact of climate change?

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        I remember my team had a black jersey with a bit of red in it. This was late 80s whe Aussie Rules was on cable extremely late at night (live maybe?) They had an aborigin as their star player. He was awsome. Please enlighten me as to whom I support. Dont want to find myself cheering for their rivals.Great piece lev. Looking forward to a follow up sometime before september.

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        of breath easily and sigh pretty deeply. Sleeping is a little rough. I think I have a mild case of rhinitis of pregnancy, which is a constant stuffy nose. Not a fun symptom. I still get pretty tired during the day, but

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        Covent Garden er så spennende. Og det er sikkert mange andre steder i London også, men jeg er ikke så godt kjent. Våren er den fineste tiden å reise til storbyer på synes jeg.

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        Yes, the stadium is named for de sade – in French, “de sade” means “big hole [that] accepts many people”. Chloe “white stain” de Sot will continue her fall in Paris. If she’s lucky, she’ll be a footnote in Rival Angels history, otherwise, she’ll just fade away like some icky oil spill…Looks like Sabrina got some poor advice from some crappy PR person on what she should wear to appeal to the fans… Oh well, it’ll make her tougher… Um, maybe…

      • Porque será que ninguém aclara que cada um dos estivadores quando em determinado momento inicia a greve já cumpriu nesse dia com 8 horas de trabalho? Esta é uma greve às horas extraordinárias.

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        Ambyr, I am glad you are okay. That is a pretty funny story. I am guessing the person on the phone was male and just doesn’t understand being a mom. Take care!!! By the way in another post the picture of your dad and Avery is absolutely beautiful!!!

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        volleyballfanatic1im a hawaii fan, but it wasn’t Gabi Ailes’ (stanford libero) fault. Kaufman only had one blocker on her the whole night, and when that happens, its practically an automatic kill for kaufman.

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        Thanks!! I’m so glad you and Nicole thought up this pin-ter-vention. I’m having so much fun! I need to branch out though, so tonight I’m gonna do some baking that i found on pinterest!!

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        before, Iran should -if they have any sense- be building some nukes or precuring them from N.Korea. That’s the ONLY chance they have of NOT being attacked, I’m afraid. Yes it’s pure insanity for Israel or U.S to attack Iran even without a nuclear arsenal, but I have my doubts about how long the realists can beat back the crazies…

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        As promised you are here with a chocolate recipe. Thanks A quick question: if not served immediately, would it solidify and not have the mousse consistency? It’s been tough to get very dark chocolate here so I’m wondering how would a mousse recipe work with cocoa powder..

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      • C et Remy: il est vrai que la population iranienne aime bien Mahmoud, mais cela ne dit pas que les élections soient sincères, car l’Iran des mollahs est un paradis de la désinformation et de la fausse opposition (pas comme en France, n’est-ce pas…).Pour une information plus décryptée, je

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      • Hi PamYou can easily share the MailShot group contacts you create with others, just tap the “Share Contact” button in the Contacts app to send it to them. They will be able to use the groups you send from any iOS device (and soon, also on their macs) even without MailShot installed.(Our next update will also add the ability to import contact groups back into the MailShot app, so any of them with MailShot installed would be able to edit the groups themselves too.)Peter

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        That video was so great and so true! I have had major health problems for years I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and it is so true that we as a country need to change the way we eat. Eating a whole foods mostly plant bast diet has completely changed my life and helped me go from at my worst being bed ridden to being able to live my life. Good for you for focusing on your health if everyone did that we would live in a much better place.

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    • George –I have to concur — I’m still waiting for MM to fix the problem of moving between sovcorps. The idea that borders will be free is a fine one — but if you’re stuck in a poorly-run sovcorp, how will you get the money to move somewhere else (i.e. who will buy your house, etc)?-gmp

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      Betsy! I haven’t had the patience to scroll through the news or to watch teevee to see what did happen when Irene blew through. The only thing I saw was that rivers and streams in NY and New England are flooding. NYC seems to have been spared.

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      What a great example of building on strengths and assuming our children/students will always surprise us with greater capacity than we expected. Very cool, funny, and sweet!

    • Poxa agora eu me assustei, comecei a ler eeeeeeeeeeeAlgumas coisas são verdade, não moro mais aí e isso é uma pena mas faz parte. Nunca mais façam isso poxa! bjxx

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      How funny it was to listen to the tourist from Switzerland tell a reporter how surprised she was that closing a fwy was made out to be such a big deal. EXACTLY. Overblown, exaggerated beyond the ridiculous and all because the gangster Mayor is bored and had nothing better to do.

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      I’m an Aspie and I totally see Monk having it. My mother sees it too but when the first episode stated that it was OCD, I figured I’d been mistaken. Watching the series again, I can’t ignore it: He’s on the spectrum. Maybe not specifically Asperger’s but somewhere on there. The autistic spectrum is a big place. Forget hollywood medicine.

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      Spooky 4 novembre 2008 MieL : Ah mais tout le monde est devant moi hein, je suis sûr que si ma nièce d’un an ouvre un blog sur les crottes de nez, il sera mieux classé que le mien :)

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    • Glad the show went well but sorry to hear your kitty hasn’t been well. Hopefully he’s turned a corner and is back to his good ole self. Glad you’ve found a moment to breathe even if its brief.

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      1  0ummmm, I'm confused, "If a man will put his commitments on the back burner for you then believe me you will get put on the back burner too." Not true at all. A man that finds what he perceives to be a good woman, and is ready for a good woman to be in his life, will drop almost everything to make her a priority. This is not a character flaw, this is a change in priority issue, but if you want a man that will keep his playdate with his boys instead of hanging out with you, then stop complaining about how your man don't do for you

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      Most of our schools still wear uniforms. It's only the odd private school who don't – I've always thought unforms saved parents money and also made life easier for everyone – no stress about what to wear, no competition amongst the kids. I guess there's good and bad in both.

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      lexilulu2626She is soo freaken nervous……she always is and she messes with her lips and tries to hide behind Taylor…..and she does not look good next to him at all………..I love you taylor<3

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    • July 15, 2018 at 12:16 am - Reply

      · ohmygosh shanna what a great idea! i need a calendar at work so this is perfect! although staring at cookies all day may not be the best way to get work done…but maybe they’ll just inspire me to buy a cookie sheet? happy december!

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      Please let us also know what you are doing in California, what are the must visit and must do and favorite eats at your other home? What do you miss most/less?

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      Interestingly, the NCDC has 120,000 boxes of paper obs forms (truly), satellite photos, radar data, fiche and so on, all in the process of being digitized.I wonder why there isn’t a line of denialists waiting to get at that really really raw data. I’d like to see the folks clamoring for it show up and do some volunteer work.

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      this sounds so interesting. I have a horrible short term memory. I can remember three or four numbers of a telephone number and then I have to look at it again to get the rest. The ideas you put forth here are fascinating. Sounds like a book to read and maybe I can train myself to not be so flaky with my bad short term memory…

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      This was so moving. I don’t know what to say except my belief in God and his ways match yours. I am over 60 now and contemplate how I can best use my life. Thank you.

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      This was beautiful. The last few years I finally broke free from feeling like anything I did would disappoint my parents because I came from divorced parents. But finally I broke free and have begun to live openly. Great letter!

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      But these guys aren’t just getting on a plane or walking down the street. In SMeyers world, and i’m assuming, therefore, the movie too, they ran all the way. They move so fast people don’t see them, even the half-vampire, so no fear of being discovered.

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      Oh, I don't know. I think any government minister worth his/her portfolio would want to complain about that. Switch the FBI for the Mossad  and I think even Hilarity might get upset.

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      What do you mean “Everything is tied into the debate schedule”? I realize you guys on the editorial staff think your endorsements make a difference but take a breath and look at history, newspaper editorials are meaningless.As I indicated, I’m of the opinion that the debate schedule dance had more to do with polling trends not yet revealed. Why else would the guy whose been leading in the polls want an early debate and the guy trailing want to postpone. You guys at the paper should use your heads a little bit and repress the egos.

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      Another ritual that has the feeling of lowering the spankee to “little girl status” is to have her curtsy or bow and say she’s ready for her spanking, and then curtsy or bow again, saying “Thank You.” This is especially good if you’re roleplaying as father/daughter or teacher/student (I recommend a schoolgirl uniform for the latter).

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    • To me aloha aku aloha mai means to really show love from your heart. Not to get recognized but to really show that you care. Like when you go out of your way to do something nice. I remember that when I think of my class I think of them as my brothers and sisters. But when we have sharing thats our problem we need to really show that love. But love is unbreakable, it’s too strong to be broken. So that is what it means to me.

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      I think what I like most about Hammarhead’s designs is the inspiration is gives to home tinkerers. With a little assistance (like a machine shop for brackets and a muffler shop to bend some pipes and weld some stuff) I bet most people could come pretty close to making their own Ural sT look like this.

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    • jim Stauber and Joan Christensen — relevant. Christensen is the DEDA attorney for the city. Genie Stark and John Hall –relevant. See above.Why did Brandon Stahl sweep these details under the carpet, yet cover in excruciating detail the relationship of a public figure that had ended two years prior? Inquiring minds want to know. Either he’s lazy or he has an agenda. Or maybe his bosses do.

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      I wonder if P.T.’s departure has anything to do with his not getting the Best Director Oscar for “There Will Be Blood”, that is, he feels the agency didn’t lobby voters enough.For some odd reason, I remember him and his (then? still?) girlfriend Fiona Apple stewing mad in the audience when he didn’t win an Oscar for “Magnolia”, so it’s safe to assume he covets the phallic statuette.

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    • Might be a good idea, but I’m not actually convinced about the example. Just go outside and look around – all houses along Polish streets are built differently. This is the result of having no overall architectural policy the way i.e. France has had for years. A roof 2 degrees steeper or 14 cm taller just doesn’t make any difference 😉

    • – John, I was at that concert… sitting way in the back… earlier that day, Seth Justman had to borrow Greg Allman’s organ during the J.Geils set, which may have been one of the best concerts I ever witnessed! best regards, Mitch

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    • Thanks for commenting Steve. It really is that simple. The main problem I see is that states are getting into the same trouble that the federal government as gotten in with unsustainable entitlement programs. The states can’t print their own money so they become dependent on ther federal government and instead of being a partner, they end up being subservient to the fed. This opens the door for the federal government to impose their will upon the states.

    • Thanks Susan for the link, but I'm still only getting a blank white screen with the words "It works!" in the upper left corner.I wonder if it might be a bug in my computer that's blocking it out.

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      hadley: Bottom line: any growing awareness on the part of the English that the English people have a special right to the land and resources of England is a threat, no matter how much they dislike the Muslims. Because once a war breaks out they are as likely to be expelled (or Christianized) as the Muslims.You are inaccurately applying an old template to a modern situation. One of the EDL's most eloquent speakers is Guramit Singh and I doubt very much that anyone (besides Muslims, that is), wishes to see him forcibly converted from his Sikh faith.

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      I’m a little hesitant to make that popcorn…I think my reaction would be the same as Tony’s! Hannah’s dog is SO cute!! Is it a boston terrior? Kind of looks like one anyways Super cute! Great job with the workouts, Biz! I’m very impressed! I am trying to include something different each week in the way of a workout group exercise class. It has been keeping me motivated, for sure!

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      the Imperial Empire, as Red Walker mentioned above, which was very nearly my choice at that moment, but I’ll go with a group that hasn’t been mentioned so far:-The Irken Empire from “Invader Zim.”…BTW, my favourite Realms evil organisation, remains the Zhentarim.

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    • Jul13 Thank you to for a great event! The speaker was brilliant and I met so many interesting people! The only thing is, since I had a babysitter for the kids and a designated driver both at the same time, I had the idea to drink a little too much wine, so I can’t remember the name of the woman I met near the end of the event who had written about her infertility struggles. She might be a LiveMom contributor. Hmmm, if you read this comment and it might be you, send me a note, I’d love to connect!Carol

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      Tom… Mark and I and our family are blessed to have been in the company of such a beautiful and strong woman. We will cherish the times we spent with you and Amy, and are thankful that we will see her again one day!! We love you… we are praying for you… we are here for you… The Morths

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    • Lauren, you are a very fit gorgeous looking woman. Your abs are superb and you have a very sexy outie belly button which I love. Great work.

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      Hi Donna! Hope you’re having fun “on the road” This garden is beautiful – just my style: clean crisp formal lines and lovely plantings. Imagine using the swimming pool as a Victory garden! I guess you do whatcha gotta do! Glad it’s a swimming pool again. Thanks for the lovely post.

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    • Also, Penelope, why are you so obsessed with making the minority conform to what the majority wants, here? Even if most women do want to work part time, plenty won’t. And what’s wrong with celebrating the choice of a woman in the minority?

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      Hi Ray, this was a very solid 4 star review for me except for two things that held it back. The first was the naivety and unworldliness of Leo, which given he worked for the MGB didn't seem credible. The second was the resolution which was a huge contrivance, and whatsmore was not needed. It really worked to undermine the credibility of the plot. So, I did enjoy it, but it had its frustrations, especially the ending.

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    • I think my favorite quote so far from his trip is:Sweden’s life expectancy is among the best in the world though as always this probably has more to do with other aspects of Swedish public health than with health care policy.One aspect of Swedish public health being that it deals with Swedes, I guess…

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    • Some of us knew he was fake from Day One.He hasn’t changed one bit.Rather, some of you are just taking longer to catch on.Better late than never….

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      An armed intruder comes into the meeting, takes one person hostage and begins shooting others at random from behind his living partial cover. What good is the sub machinegun again? I guess set to semi it can offer better accuracy than a pistol but hell a Hi Point carbine can do that, Or a lever gun in .357.

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      Yep, no doubt about it, the man had all Metternich’s ability, although he largely used it to undo Metternich’s work. He was absolutely right about stability being essential to German interests, and was clever enough to recognize that after 1871 — stability consisted of keeping France isolated. (So much better had Wilhelm I listened to him instead of Moltke about Alsace-Lorraine !). Stability flew right out the door, thanks to Wilhelm II letting the Russian alliance lapse.

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    • Kathy, hey! I really enjoyed seeing Brooke in your mother’s dress – That a frock so delicate has survived to be worn over 50 years since its creation is a tribute to the seamstress! The blue slip is the glory, though. I have old Sears catalogs I look through, and the undergarment section is filled with slips and the variations (like culotte slips)that every woman’s lingerie drawer contained. Lingerie drawer – yet another vintage conversation!xxea

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      Father, are you familiar with US Army chaplain Father Emil Kapaun? Blackfive yesterday, referencing a story at the bbc, talked of his case for sainthood (promoted from his Kansas diocese) and for the Congressional Medal of Honor (promoted by Kansas lawmakers for his service in Korea). His record as a POW is incredibly powerful.

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      Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for emptying some oil out of your jars to fill ours! The worship and teaching were phenomenal on Saturday and I feel so renewed and ready to live the life that God has called me to! I am so glad I was able to see it live in Reading!Blessing to you and your team!Julie

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