The Unsettling End: An Ode to My Favorite Horror Films


The first time I was introduced to the horror genre, or rather the “scary movie,” was when I was in preschool. It was also around the same time I was introduced to sex on screen, probably from the same movie. I was three years old when Wes Craven’s “Scream” came out in 1996 and terrified at this white droopy face on TV in my parent’s room. I’m not even sure if that movie could justly be called a horror flick, but it kept me away from them for a number of years. I once saw Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood” on what probably was the SciFi channel (before the stupid SyFy) and was scared to use the bathroom for a while. I had no idea what horror was, much less the variations on the genre and so became a certified wimp until I got over it. I never gave the genre a proper chance again, although “What Lies Beneath” and “The Grudge” did give me a good scare.

My attitude towards these movies, especially in the 2000s and the influx of recent flops within the genre, was that these movies are trite and the worst of all, predictable. It’s all atmosphere with no punch, no metaphor, deep thinking, unsettling feeling that stays with you throughout the movie. When I started getting into film, I stayed away from the genre as well, but after watching one of my favorite movies the 1976 Spanish drama directed by Carlos Saura, “Cria Cuervos,” and hearing arguments that it was a “borderline horror film,” I started to change my thinking. I usually go to the past for my favorite horror flicks, and most of them aren’t even that scary. I think our disappointment with the genre is garnered from a perception that cinema is supposed to be a spectacle, and in many ways it is. Stanley Kubrick’s fantastic world in “The Shining” speaks to this, as does David Lynch’s variations on the Black Lodge. When I say spectacle, I mean we expect movies to do the emoting for us and also draw out these theatrical reactions so that we feel scared, thrilled and exhilarated. The formula for modern horror movies works on this principle and creates a whirlwind of boring films lacking true dimension.  You know it when you see it – the dim lighting, handsome villain, buxom girl, the spike note in the soundtrack, turn around: nothing, then suddenly a sight gag to scare you. When I think about my favorite horror films, most of them didn’t even scare me at all (with the exception of one, though it’s not even a movie) yet they’re fantastic films with unsettling feelings shown, not forced, through cinematography, set design, and minute details.

Rosmary’s Baby (1968)

The first is “Rosemary’s Baby,” a classic on many people’s lists. The tale of Rosemary Woodhouse is based on the novel by Ira Levin and adapted for the screen by Roman Polanski. Most people who haven’t seen it recognize it for Mia Farrow’s haircut. “It’s Vidal Sassoon. It’s very in.” Those who have seen it need no convincing of its genius. Shot in Technicolor, the film’s visual impact is less obvious than Kubrick’s “The Shining,” but it does provide the right depth in defining characters. Rosemary’s ghostly look at the beginning of her pregnancy in contrast to the Castevet’s tacky powdered on face and frilly clothes depicts the unsuspecting devil growing inside Rosemary that threatens to take over her appearance. The haunted-mansion-turned-apartment complex, the overbearing prominence of her nosy neighbors, a strange “good-luck” charm, the death and handicaps of those against her husband and his narcissistic star-hungry disposition are all components that set the stage for the horror that is to come. We see the reality of this horror in the beginning of the film, yet it’s under the hazy guise of a hallucination or dream. We forget about it until evidence leads us, and Rosemary, to no longer deny the truth. The film turns into a magnificent thriller toward the end before ending strangely and perfectly. We never see the product of this horror, save for a cheesy, superimposed image of the Devil’s eyes. The true horror after the anticipation comes from the imagination and its decoration: a black-tulle veiled basinet hanging an upside-down cross.

Levin based the impossible story on the reality of New York in 1965-1966. Collecting newspaper clippings, the writer used the Pope’s October visit to the city as the night of conception, so the baby would arrive half a year from Christmas. When Polanski’s film came out in 1968, like most good European movies, it was met with angry viewers. People from the church condemned the film, but perhaps because of this anger, and because of the era no doubt, the film persevered.

Said Levin in a 2003 essay featured in the film’s Criterion Collection DVD: “The success of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ inspired ‘Exorcists’ and ‘Omens’ and lots of et ceteras. Two generations of youngsters have grown into adulthood watching depictions of Satan as a living reality. Here’s what I worry about now: If I hadn’t pursued an idea for a suspense novel almost forty years ago, would there be quite as many religious fundamentalists around today?”

The Spirit of the Beehive (1973)

In many ways, “The Spirit of the Beehive” (“El Espiritu de la Colmena”) could be considered a sister in Spanish cinema to the aforementioned “Cria Cuervos.”

Both films start the brilliant Ana Torrent as a wide-eyed, somber child obsessed with death. Both films are considered to be metaphors for the Franco regime, but whereas “Cria” classified as borderline horror, “The Spirit of the Beehive” goes full on. You won’t notice it until you finish watching the movie. You won’t jump out of your seat or scream, but you will feel the unsettling creepiness of film that seemed to be floating in cinematic space leaving more questions asked than answered and relying on that childish brand of fear that never really leaves us.

The film was released in 1973, directed by Victor Erice. It’s set in a lonely, dilapidated village somewhere in Spain in the 1940s. The imagery evokes border towns destroyed by war to the likes of the concentration camp featured in the French love story, “Entre Nous.”

The movie is grounded on the beginning of cinema and the travelling movie theatres that would set up a projector in a building an charge una peseta to escape to a new world. The girls, Ana (as in “Cria,” her character takes the same name) and her sister Isabel watch a film about Frankenstein for the first time and Ana asks her sister what happened to the little girl who wanted to play with Frankenstein. She died. Why? Her older sister shrugs and tells her she’s taken on the real-life role of the girl and has met Frankenstein – the spirit, which is the catalyst for Ana to go searching for him in remote fields.

The girls live secluded in a mansion with honey-comb resembling windows overlooking the town. The house is so big, the parents never seem to be in the same vicinity. Their mother writes love letters to a mystery man (or men) off in the war. The father is a beekeeper and a poet. Ana sometimes goes into his study and gets close to the indoor beehive he has installed.

The film is cinematographically beautiful, rich in warm honey tones, just as the vast plains where Ana meets “the spirit” who is really just a homeless man taking shelter in a weathered building. She steals her father’s coat and pocket watch to help the spirit, and the police later find them. Embarrassed, Ana runs away into the dark forest and presumably eats a mushroom what causes her to hallucinate (though that’s my own reading of it. The mushroom comes from an earlier allusion in the film) and Frankenstein appears.

Ana and her sister explore death without much understanding, as a joke, but one sister is fixated on the unknown, which can often be a dangerous place, even for the adult.

Silence of the Lambs (1991)

It took me a long time to finally watch “Silence of the Lambs,” but when I did I loved it. What all these movies have in common is their strong, often ambiguous endings. These are endings that stick with you that make you think and don’t promise roses. Unfortunately, this ending made way for sequels, which the movie didn’t need, but I digress.

Cop dramas and serial killers always make for good horror stories. Instead of focusing on the unknown, such as spirits, demons or ghosts, our source of fear is familiarly human, and with that comes the fear that we have that capacity inside us.

The film is complicated for a horror film. It stars a young Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins of course plays the infamous and over-portrayed Hannibal Lecter, an intellectual, former psychiatrist with a distinct palette for cannibalism. He helps Foster, starring as the FBI agent-in-training Clarice Starling, find the psychopathic serial killer, Buffalo Bill, who was a former patient of Lecter’s.

Dealing with two villains psychologically ramifies the film, but ultimately we have to settle with the unsettling fact within ourselves that one villain is the lesser of two evils.

The film focuses on a variety of themes such as women as the object of the male gaze. Clarice Starling is noticeably gawked at by her superior, by Lecter, the prison ward and pretty much everyone else she meets. We also deal with the male gaze in the case of Buffalo Bill, who uses society’s endangering gaze on himself as he abducts and kills women sixe 14-16 to skin them and make a “woman suit” made out of flesh. Lecter says he’s not really a transgendered woman, he just thinks he is. Either way, this “woman suit” shows the theme of the disposability of human flesh and the fear that comes with it.

Buffalo Bill merits just as much praise as Hannibal Lector, although we see less of him. One of my favorite movie scenes ever has to be the BEAUTIFUL, creepy, funny and overall unsettling showcase Bill puts on for himself as he applies makeup to the tune of Q Lazarus’ “Goodbye Horses” and his victim’s screams coming from afar.

There’s also as much suspense warranted throughout the film as Starling puts all the pieces together, solves Lecter’s puzzles and ends up in the belly of the wolf without knowing it. The editing in the film is not to be overlooked, successfully heightening the suspense and surprising viewers without the need to use gags or visual/auditory cues that something scary is about to happen.

Twin Peaks (1990)

I save David Lynch’s foray into television for last because I am primarily a TV writer, and this show will forever have a place in my heart. There are plenty of episodes that are scary, but the series itself is fantastically scary because it lingers with you way after the end. This is an instance where the fear of the unknown comes into play, but with the face of a human killer.

Lynch takes on the paranormal and mixes it with thoughtfully enacted kitsch to create a world far from fantasy, realistic enough to happen anywhere, yet to strange to comprehend. The death of the homecoming queen, Laura Palmer, is central to this show, and the search for her killer extends way beyond that. Becoming convoluted at times, the series’ second and last season does get a little muddy and lost before finishing off with the more disturbing episode ever.

Watching the entire series is a must to get to this point. There are plenty of other harrowing episodes such as “Lonely Souls,” in Season 2, but nothing compares to the finale “Beyond Life and Death.”

For a villain who only totals being on screen for about 6 minutes in the entire series, Bob is one of the scariest figures in the horror genre. This is one episode that prevented me from sleeping. It’s got the WTF-factor of Frank is “Donnie Darko” and the human element of Buffalo Bill. The credit goes to Lynch for keeping a slow burn on the elements of the show that add up to one spectacular ending.

The show has been mimicked recently by series like “The Killing” (almost exactly, down to the tagline of Season 1) and “Top of the Lake,” each saying the offer something new to the game, but they’re all trying to copy “Twin Peaks,” but frankly, no one can.


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Journalism student at the University of Florida. Sally Draper is my spirit animal. I love writing about TV and how it affects culture. Occasionally I watch bad TV, but reviews make it better.

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      Thank you for reminding me why I have never used google reader! (Or any reader for that matter)I wouldn't want to see pictures of poop either. That's just one of those TMI things. :)

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      Katie, your cake turned out absolutely gorgeous! I loved the everything about this cake. The flavor and the texture were perfect. It feels so good to be baking with The Cake Slice Baker's again! 😉

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       About the last one, I was thinking, “Oh, that looks neat,” until I realized what it was supposed to stand for (yeah, I’m pretty slow) and then I was all, MIND BLOWN.Great job, mister!

    • | by Shawn Ann | Leave a Comment | 2 views | Here is the third recipe from the Michigan Dairy Farm Tour to share with you courtesy of UDIM.  Again, sorry for no picture, if you’d like to make this […]

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      Soulja boy need to take some time and think on what his goig to do next cuz that pretty boy swag shit aint rocking no more not to hate on homie but his getting to old and so are his fans for him to keep doing that teenage shit he needs to change his whole personality and style if he wants to keep making music

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      Skønt at se disse billeder. Henrik og jeg snakkede netop op, at det faktisk er to Ã¥r siden, at vi crashede jeres skønne lejlighed. Det var nogle fantastiske dage…Og jeg tror jeg kan ane to outfits var de dage. Gode minder.

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      ..leggo questo post solo oggi ed ho subito voglia di menare le mani… siete stati bravi.. siete riusciti a rimanere calmi ed a prendere le decisioni migliori.. Edo e’ un bimbo meraviglioso e sveglissimo.. e Sofia continua a parlare di lui.. non vedo l’ora di rivedervi!!un bacioV

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      bravo, bravo… podržavam skroz… ja jurim da nabavim neki pleteni ceger, a do tad moram da priznam da koristim plastičnu kesu, ali jednu! imamo jednu veliku i stalno nju vučemo u prodavnicu, tj. ne uzimamo nove… jbg, za početak, dok ne naÄ‘emo taj ceger….

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      Att vilja ha ett Alliansfritt Sverige är väl inte allvarligare brott än att uttrycka en önska om en ny regering. Får du idéerna från Cuba eller Nordkorea?

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      I was going to buy that exact fq bundle and it disappeared right before my eyes. I would have always wondered who got it. I can't wait to see what you make with it. I know it will be beautiful. More inspiration for me when it comes out in October.

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      My theory is that the only error Lucky Gunner made was to use the term "ammo girls". Since they had both guys and girls ferrying water and ammo, not emphasizing one set over the other would have worked to avoid controversy.

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      I’m an RN, and I worked in the OR at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital from 5/99 until 5/07. I can give you stories that will curl your toes about how the goals management sets for nurses affect (negatively) patient care.They’re all about cutting costs, to hell how that affects patient care. Nurses are seen as overhead–a nurse is a nurse is a nurse, never mind what experience you’ve had, or how long you’ve been a nurse. If you, or any member of your family, or anyone close to you, has ever had someone close to you in the hospital, you know how important nurses are.

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      SO happy for you and your get away. I love your pattern and will be sure to vote for you! Cheery Smiles your way…Laurap.s. I love your turquoise shoes and coral necklace. SO fun!

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      hi sonia ..very petite heartshape chiffon pan…i got mine at bake with yen in KL for rm35 and the size is around 23cm which is abit big to my liking..the pan was slightly dented too..i think it had been sitting on the shelf for many years before i discovered it 2years ago…only 1 avail at that time..but i m still happy i got it …may i know where to get this in HK? as i will be going to HK next mth…thanksSue

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      Point conceded, or never made. They have the right to put it there, but I think someone would have to be broken to want it. And I'm really not a prude. No real religious beliefs, and much of my life has been a hormonal trainwreck of glandular excess. But I like women, the smarter ones anyway, and the less bright ones aren't any worse to be around then men of the same intellectual disaccomplishment. I don't think it's chauvanist to feel a bit protective. I have to accept it, but I don't have to like it.

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      The flower is beautiful and what a cute shot of Maya. I'm usually not a picky eater, but with the pneumonia I am just not feeling like eating. I need Itai to make me an omelet!

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      Great Easter, thanks — I’m still trying to shake the chocolate hangover. What did you post today? I checked Expatalogue and Expat Focus, but I didn’t see anything for today. Now I’m dying of curiosity…

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      Obrigada Doutor. Forte abraço e, saiba que suas respostas as perguntas aqui são de grande valia para a vida das pessoas. Que Deus continue lhe abençoando.

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      Me olía que esta película no sería una buena adaptación; por tu reseña, estaba en lo cierto. La veré, pero no creo que en el cine (shhh). Por ahora me quedo con First Class y Capitán América, sello indiscutible de la propio productora de Marvel (no puedo evitar ser una fanática de Marvel). Buen post, como siempre.Saludos!

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      I see trouble on the horizon…this eyeshadow looks lovely! I can’t do pinks that well but the mix together is heavenly! Trouble for my wallet, I mean. I skipped NARS summer collection but NARS is one of my favorites and I can’t resist anymore. Hope its not LE. I love the consistentcy of NARS shadows – so easy to apply and blend.

    • July 10, 2018 at 1:10 pm - Reply

      And the Sarah buildup continues…From … to … about bailing out the same…From a honcho in Alaska’s National Guard initially saying Sarah … to …the same honcho praising her leadership role, Get with the program, fella, will ya?Extreme makeover, Republican-style. I wonder how many people from “reputation management” have been assigned to work on Sarah.

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      Cuuuuute! I love them! I also adore that your husband knew right away…too cute :). I LOVED Doug! Now I'll have the theme song in my head (thank you!).

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      Dear RobbThanks for the tips about the steak. I will be watching Lance and Alberto battle it out tonight.It is a tough race. Have had two brilliant days in Auckland and Tauranga so far. CheersBob

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      Fred Glass talks about how extending Lynch after 3 Big Ten wins in three years sends “the wrong message” about what it takes to get an extension at IU. Fine, perhaps that is a point, but tell me Mr. Glass, what message does it say to your fans when you sell a home game that season ticket holders would like to attend to Penn State? Most IU fans aren’t getting in cars and driving to D.C. for a weekend football game! That smacks of “screw you fans.”

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      I have played around with Jessica Sprague. She has some free classes…. I am still pretty confused tho, might need a copy of that book to help me out!

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      Robert, Congratulations on your victory – I didn’t vote for you – but I wish you every success. Your last paragraph is a bit garbled, but you do mention the proposed development to the East of the A419 – could you give a clear statement on you position on this proposed development. Thanks.

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      Squaw and Alpine are two incredible and unique resorts catering to two different types of skiers. Combining ruins their individuality and will alienate their clientele. This is a terrible move for Tahoe.

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      Most everything is designed to break or made to be broken, its a vicious cycle and the financial industry is no exception. Woody Allen: Aging sucks, anything you can do to aviod it, I would suggest.

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      I love this one! What a sense of humor these people display! This is another one I missed somehow on my first go round through the archives, so I’m combing through again and finding all sorts of gems!

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    • Okay, enough already. I have two things to say to you. George is definitely absolutely not racist or ashamed of any of his heritage and two, George is not going to prison.

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      This cake looks rich, moist and buttery. It's like a melt in your mouth type of cake. Perfect with tea. The colors and texture are beautiful.

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      Hi Santanu,To make your comment section more beautiful – You have to play with your blog’s CSS. You can even modify few things (colors, size etc.) of CommentLuv plugin by editing its CSS.

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      Hi Billy – Maybe the fish egg balls are a Taiwanese thing but they're really very good. And lol, always happy to eat with you but not sure about extra hot!Hi Anon – Thanks for the tip. I haven't heard of it but always appreciate info on new restaurants or suburban gems. Will have to keep it in mind next time I'm in the area :)

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    • Tack. ^^ Jag har spanat in det i mÃ¥nga mÃ¥nader pÃ¥ Ikea och tänkt att det skulle passa. Det är lite mindre/lägre en ett vanligt (vitrin)skÃ¥p, perfekt för sÃ¥nt här. Gott med egna!

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      Wow! You’ve done it again! I suspect that the strength and evocative power of these works comes from your own love of the subject. Very,very well done! I’m reminded of ‘Social Club’ and a determined and devoted girl.

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      that they will collect and publish data on APCs paid to help universities argue for subscription reductions — so they are clearly sensitive to this issue. Given the agnosticism of HEFCE over gold or green, it will be interesting to see if universities spend all their RCUK allocations (though I imagine their administrators will instinctively want to do so).

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    • I like the idea of the PMR-30. What a shame that it's considered an assault weapon AND not "safe" enough for consumers here in the People's Republik of Marxachusetts.But I'm not bitter or nothin'. Just clinging to what guns the Nanny Commonwealth WILL let me have.

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      Maybe I'm the only one who does this, but I always put YA ABOVE adult books. There are so many more adult books published that YA is more selective by default. Therefore, those should be the better books, right?Yeah, I know my brain doesn't always work, well, normally.

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      I just got a LA and am trying to figure out how to do things. On your border do you do one strip then cut thread and do the other side or do you do it continuous sewing by going down then over up then over? Hope that makes sense. I'm really having trouble visualizing travel tricks.

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      AFJ. Aimee – awesome and amazing! Well done – and thanks so much for posing for the photo with The Lost Queen! PLus you get your story published. The most thrilling thing for any published writer is when a fan goes on to get their own work published. Then, in a few years time, they have fans – and some of them might go on to get work published – and so on – and that’s how it should be. Again – very well done, Aimee!

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    • the Churn: Venison America opens a new store, Liederkranz returns, Tian Jin folds, Minnesota takes a number one ranking for eating local foods, and Alex Roberts takes Best Midwest

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      traciwheelerCan so relate to where you are in your life right now, Nancy. I work full-time and have 2 boys under the age of 10. I feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied on a regular basis. I agree with all of the comments above that taking a step away and doing some self-reflection is the best way to cope and adjust. Thinking about you! Keep your chin up and forge ahead!

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      Que no, Rafa, que los que no somos laicos somos los de IU porque en el País Vasco pactamos con un partido que en su momento fue integrista católico pero al que hoy no se le ocurriría poner una calle dedicada a san Josemaría…

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