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By Alexandra Brueckner, November 25, 2013 217 Editorials

Warning: spoilers galore. “The last of the Time Lords.” That’s what we’ve always known The Doctor as: a man who was not only the last of his kind, but the cause of his home world’s destruction. It’s something every good… Read More »

By Alexandra Brueckner, October 4, 2013 0 Editorials

It’s been nearly four years since January 29, 2010. That was the air date of the finale episode of Dollhouse, the day that marked the start of a (too) long television hiatus from Joss Whedon, god and hero to geeks… Read More »

By Alexandra Brueckner, June 17, 2013 51 Editorials

With Matt Smith’s announcement that he’s leaving Doctor Who after this year’s Christmas episode still fresh in Whovians’ minds, The Twelfth Doctor has reportedly already been cast. But that hasn’t stopped every Who fan – this one included –from casting… Read More »

By Alexandra Brueckner, June 8, 2013 187 Editorials

When Matt Smith announced that he’d be leaving Doctor Who after this yearend’s Christmas special, you’d have thought someone had died, judging from my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Reactions ranged from “WHY, MATT SMITH, WHYYYYYY?!” to “The next Doctor will… Read More »