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By Claudia Marina, September 17, 2013 19

“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Stand in the desert,”

By Claudia Marina, September 11, 2013 184

It’s really hard not to start off every review with how I end every episode.

By Claudia Marina, September 3, 2013 0

“Breaking Bad” has had some pretty squirmy moments, but generally, I respond with perched anticipation. Nothing shown really evokes strong… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, August 27, 2013 0

If there were two perfect but completely different examples for the expression “performance of a lifetime,” it would be Jesse… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, August 20, 2013 89

Well, someone’s going to Belize.

By Claudia Marina, August 13, 2013 206

When a show gains anticipation to the degree of “Breaking Bad,” we sometimes overlook the details we’re anticipating. After a… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, August 7, 2013 434

“The Killing” began its two-hour season finale with the same breathy atmospherics that I praised just 10 episodes ago. After… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, August 2, 2013 1,143 Editorials, News

You know that friend you have, whom you’ve tried to convince to finally get into “Mad Men” but doesn’t start watching until the last season? Don’t be that friend. Summer TV is a lot of things: funny, fresh, anticipated and,… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, July 30, 2013 0

I’m an escapist when it comes to television. That doesn’t mean I watch TV to forget how dull real life… Read More »

By Claudia Marina, July 23, 2013 181

I’m still hung up over four words that practically ruined “The Killing” for me. “Shepherd and his flock.” I can’t… Read More »