Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Official Trailer Released

After a rough cut leak that has been spreading around the internet for a day, Warner Bros. has released the second teaser trailer for Batman vs. Superman scheduled to be released on March 26th. Darker in tone and boasting a rather angry Ben Affleck as Batman. The world is deciding on how they feel about Superman and the events surrounding Man Of Steel. Hopefully we get a little bit more insight on how the rest of the Justice League will play into to the movie, but for now, enjoy the trailer.


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Journalist, Self-published author of five books, podcast host, and photographer since 2014, Murjani Rawls has been stretching the capabilities of his creativity and passions, Rawls has as a portfolio spanning through many mediums including music, television, movies, and more. Operating out of the New York area, Rawls has photographed over 200+ artists spanning many genres, written over 700 articles ranging displaying his passionate aspirations to keep evolving as his years in media continue.

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