Beer & Games: Octodad and Griffin Claw Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin (BIP)

BIP BIP BIP BIP.  Its fun to say.  Try it. That immediately gets it an extra point on my rating scale.  And it has wax so +=.5.   Uninspired label art though -=1.5 so we even out.

So I’ve been wanting to play Octodad for some time now ever since hearing the concept. I’ll just go ahead and post the official description instead of butchering up a synopsis of my own.

“The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about his life. Octodad’s existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles ” —via Steam

Yes you can go ahead and read that again. It is accurate and it is as hilarious as it sounds. And with this game i decided to pop open a pumpkin beer just because. Its got no correlation to the game but i don’t care. I wanted a pumpkin beer so I opened a stupid pumpkin beer. Mainly because I wanted to try and Pavlovian-ally trick my body into thinking that it is Autumn outside even though its still scorched earth here in Florida. Maybe if my taste buds taste some pumpkin my body will think it isn’t complete misery outside? i doubt it. Either way I’m drinking it.

Orlando Weather

This som’ bullshit.  Disney be burning & its October. Also blood moon.

So Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin (or BIP for short) is an imperial version of Griffin Claw’s standard pumpkin beer aged in some bourbon barrels.   It used to be just stouts chucked in bourbon barrels, but these days it seems like all styles are getting a treatment, for better or worse. I haven’t been a fan of the other bourbon pumpkin beers I’ve tried out there, but then again they weren’t really ever made by brewers with a good track record….


Bet you wish you had dat spooky tree.  Haters gonna hate.

Octodad is one of dem indie games in the newly thriving genre of “impossible to control physics sandbox fun frustration games” that seem to be everywhere all the sudden (Amateur Surgeon, Goat Simulator, etc). Octodad fundamentally is a more ridiculous version of the old school flash game QWOP that them proxy server high school kids in web design 101 would play instead of coding some sick myspace css 4 them divs. Losers.  Basically you control individual limbs (2 at a time actually) of Octodad and try to complete various boring tasks like grilling burgers, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, etc etc. Except it is funny because its an octopus doing these tasks and doing them poorly.


Me and my dumb wife who can’t tell I’m an octopus

It is quite the fun game to watch, but playing it not so much. Don’t get me wrong, it is fun in the beginning and luckily the game doesn’t out stay its welcome taking me roughly 2 hours to beat. But still, the game could have ended after 30 minutes and I would have felt like I’ve played enough. There is some quality humor thrown in though thanks solely to the ridiculous (hard to believe) fact that no one can tell that Octodad is just an Octopus in a suit. And even if he weren’t an Octopus, if I saw a human (which again, the bystanders believe Octodad is human) flailing uncontrollably while trying to complete mundane tasks, well I’d call 911 right away and get an ambulance there. But obviously the premise is ridiculous and luckily (as previously stated) this allows for some quality chuckles (why did i type that…)


The thrills of waiting in line.

BIP is solid. And i believe it is because it is not bourbon forward. The bourbon flavor is there for sure, but it more accentuates the other flavors and masks itself in doing so. Definitely not a whiskey bomb, which is good because i don’t know how I would feel about whiskey pumpkin. The flavors are more of the standard fare for pumpkin beers: nutmeg, cinnamon, gramham cracker crust, vanilla. Luckily this isn’t a spice or sweet bomb. It more just goes with the natural flow of flavor that normal minds would expect from a pumpkin brew. Definitely balanced which is rare in the realm of pumpkin beers, especially barrel aged ones. Quality stuff.


BIP.  Also mad love for them Alaska breweries wit dat glasswarios.

My deal/biggest issue/summary with Octodad is you could watch a Lets Play on youtube of the game for 30 min and will be just as satisfied (if not more) than purchasing the game and playing yourself. Unless you are under some kind of influence. BIP was only 9% and I halfed it, so i didn’t have this luxury. But i could imagine the humor and gameplay would be exponentially more fun if you weren’t in a sober state of mind. Don’t know what that says for the game. The game burns out quickly with the only real want left to keep you playing is to see what happens story-wise in hopes of seeing Octodad’s eventual fate with his family. Besides that it slowly becomes like the same mundane chores you perform in the game itself.


straight killin it

I’d suggest purchasing Octodad if its on sale for <$5 and you have been drinking. Just my opinion man.  BIP is definitely worth a try especially if you have already ran the gamut of the standard pumpkin beers (see Southern Tier Pumking, CCB Good Gourd, Dogfish Head Punkin, Schlafly Pumpkin Ale).

BIP 8/10
Octodad 6/10


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