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By Claudia Marina, April 14, 2014 1,911 Editorials, Screen Rants

When I think about my favorite horror films, most of them didn’t even scare me at all (with the exception of one, though it’s not even a movie) yet they’re fantastic films with unsettling feelings shown, not forced, through cinematography, set design, and minute details.

By Tim Dodderidge, January 26, 2014 1,102 Editorials, Screen Rants

It’s official; Frozen has melted my heart. I don’t know exactly what did it either. Perhaps it was the wonderful coming-of-age plot line between the two main characters, the colorful landscapes and scenery, or the brilliant soundtrack. Yeah, it was probably the… Read More »

By Chris Fadeley, January 12, 2014 154 Beer and Games, Editorials

Anomalies are being reviewed this week on beer and games. Deschutes is strong in the craft beer scene with The Abyss being one of my personal favorite beers. But like everyone, they aren’t perfect (see the 2009 batch of The… Read More »

By David Roa, November 26, 2013 67 Editorials

Fan of Family Guy or not, by now you’ve probably heard the news that the Griffin’s beloved dog Brian is dead.. Let’s take a moment… And we’re back! Here are the reasons why we believe Brian isn’t dead, at least… Read More »

By Chris Fadeley, October 23, 2013 136 Beer and Games, Editorials

So, I’m sure you are aware of my infamous Ebony & Oak review that went viral (I wish…) where I gave it, shall we say, less than flattering remarks. Ends up my opinion wasn’t absurd. Ebony & Oak got recalled… Read More »

By Chris Fadeley, September 11, 2013 430 Beer and Games, Editorials

Northeast Asia meets Southeast Asia in this weeks edition of Beer and Games. We have the newly bottled Speedway Stout w/ Vietnamese Coffee and the Playstation 3 exclusive Tokyo Jungle. So right off the bat I have to disclose to… Read More »

By Jason Gardner, September 3, 2013 97 Editorials

I feel like I missed the boat on this a long time ago… I mean I only just a few months ago dove into Final Fantasy XIII-2. But do we really need a third installment to the Lightning saga? Let… Read More »

By Jason Gardner, August 22, 2013 271 Editorials

We’re back here at Dead Screen for another edition of Now Playing, where you’ll see we’ve strayed a bit away from the video games and back towards hot television and heartfelt rom-coms. Okay, well we still found time to play… Read More »

By Chris Fadeley, August 13, 2013 328 Beer and Games, Editorials

The ol’ ampersand. That is a ‘&’ symbol if you didn’t know (you are either under 8 years old or a moron). And if you didn’t know that, I would not suggest trying to play Ibb & Obb by any… Read More »

By Tim Dodderidge, August 2, 2013 32 Cinema Sharp, Editorials

I always go into a movie with tons of preconceived notions. Typically, I research long and hard before I spend my hard-earned cash on feature films, and I usually have faith that all of the work will pay off. Most… Read More »