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By Tim Dodderidge, August 23, 2012 2 Cinema Sharp, Editorials

Thus far, 2012 is a much better year than 2011 in terms of quality movies. It’s more of a ressurection year for film – even though a shooting rampage damaged its reputation a bit. Last year lacked a great thrilling,… Read More »

By Jason Gardner, August 23, 2012 88 Editorials, Sequel-itis

I have to be honest with you – I was particularly excited for E3 this year. Among a number of anticipated games, including Resident Evil 5, Borderlands 2 and the Devil May Cry revamp, the reveal for the newest addition… Read More »

By Jason Gardner, August 21, 2012 432 Editorials, Sequel-itis

It’s been a couple years since EA took us (again) down the addictive rabbit hole that is Skate 3. It seems with every passing entry in the game, there is a back-and-forth to which entry garners the most attention. Trust… Read More »

By Tim Dodderidge, July 29, 2012 933 Cinema Sharp, Editorials

Movie theaters used to be a safe place for everyone. However, after a red-haired 24-year-old entered an Aurora, Colorado midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises and sprayed bullets into a crowded audience, killing 12 and injuring 58 more, the… Read More »