Grand Theft Auto V: Review In Progress Part Three

You may be wondering why it’s taken so long for part three of my GTA V Review In Progress to be released. Well that reason, my friends, is due to the unfortunate problems that arose when GTA V Online released the first day of the month. For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, the online was released with server issues, bugs and worst of all…characters were being deleted. Hearing about the issues (my friend here at school had his player deleted at level 26!), I decided to wait until they were fixed until I invested a lot of time to the online just to lose all of my progress. These issues seem to now have been fixed, and I am ready to tell you about my experiences in the wide world of GTA V Online.

I began my adventures like everyone else, arriving in the Los Santos airport and being picked up by Lamar. After a quick race (against just Lamar since the servers would allow nobody to join my game), I entered free mode. Free mode is essentially just the open world of GTA V, but full of other people and their characters roaming your world as well. It’s awesome.

GTA5The first non-NPC player I encountered in my free mode was just leaving an Ammu-Nation, completely minding his own business. I strolled up behind him and shot him in the back of the head. After a quick respawn, however, he chased me across the city in his car, shooting his submachine gun at my tires all the while. I managed to get a distance ahead, and stopped in a nearby parking lot, taking cover behind my smoking vehicle. As soon as he ripped around the corner in his blue Coquette, I opened fire with my pistol and put an end to his vengeance.

It’s situations like this that make GTA V Online feel entirely unique. Granted, there are team death matches and races that you can partake in, but it’s the fact that your character is truly a part of a world that makes you want to keep signing in. A friend can hop in your car and hold up a gas station with you, or maybe you just want to relax and hang out in your apartment, they can come over and drink some whiskey with you. GTA V Online really makes you feel like you are living in an actual place, and with endless jobs and missions it’s impossible to get bored.

GTA6Jobs and missions are arguably my favorite part of my online experience so far. Repoing cars for Simeon is just as much fun as my makeshift character as it was as Franklin, and stealing meth from drug dealers is exciting as it was in the campaign as the malicious Trevor. You can even do these jobs with your friends, making for huge shootouts and car chases with actual people. I can see why they released the online after the story mode (other than the prevalent problems). If they released the game as a full package, nobody would ever leave the online mode to finish the story, because you can practically live in Los Santos with other players in the online. It’s a hard world to leave.

To everyone’s dismay, the online didn’t launch to grand reviews. The problems that the online was released with are pretty unforgivable, seeing as people lost hours of play in the blink of an eye. These things shouldn’t happen with any game, much less one of the most popular games of the year. Hopefully the scope and fun that the online is will sufficiently make up for these issues, because it really is something special. If people can look past Rockstar’s mistakes, then they will find a world that is truly special waiting for them.


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