I Watched This In 2012: Superbad

Until a few months ago, I was a Superbad virgin. It looks like I missed my calling, as I’m in college now. Man, was I missing out on something good while I was in high school.

Superbad is a quotable masterpiece, documenting the intensely anxious final days of high school for teenagers Seth (Jonah Hill), Evan (Michael Cera), and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). While Evan and Fogell are planning on rooming together in college, Seth will be attending a different school. Though this separation struggle is seemingly hard on the 18 year-old porn addict, he’s got a more central focus during his last two weeks of school: finding a girl he can have sex with for the summer before heading off to college. For him, it is his “preparation” for college social life, where Evan states “basically everyone has sex.” He finds his perfect match with his home-ec cooking partner Jules (Emma Stone), and after being invited to her party on Friday night, Seth figures this is his opportunity to get the girl. Or at least get her drunk enough to bang.

"I'll be like the Iron Chef of pounding vag!" -Seth

While this side of the plot is quite hilarious, so is the side story involving Fogell and two cops (Seth Rogen, Bill Hader). Fogell lands himself a fake ID (and funny enough, his name is McLovin), and Seth and Evan convince him to use it to get alcohol for Jules’ party. After the liquor store is robbed and “McLovin” is punched in the face, two police officers ask him a bunch of nonsensical questions before the three take a journey around the town (“McLovin” wants to get to Jules’ party, but the cops have other plans). Rogen and Hader are hilarious in these roles. They act so dumb throughout the remainder of the movie that I’m literally cracking up as I finish writing this sentence. While “McLovin” continues to hang out with the cops for much of the evening, Seth and Evan find themselves in their own messy situation. This involves Seth getting hit by a car (twice, in fact) and getting period blood on his pants. That’s right – period blood.

Eventually the three teens meet up again (with alcohol in hand) and make it to Jules’ party. That’s where they realize the dead end of their hopes. You guessed it: “you booze, you lose.” They realize the problems of drinking: you may not remember having sex with a certain somebody, or you may not be able to have sex with them at all. But if that’s not bad enough, you may even have a cop crash your great party and say, “Prepare to get fucked by the long dick of the law.”

"Break yo self, foo!" -Fogell

What’s so powerful out about this 2007 film by Judd Apatow is that through all of the sexual dialogue and overly-explicit conversations, there is a subtle message to be found. This message won’t be the same for everybody. It could be that best friends always take precedence over trying to fit in. For others, it could be the moral corruption that is seemingly perfect for a moment, but loses steam in the long run. Most of all, Superbad’s message could involve the beauty of being young, and the goal of having a good time. However this may be, it really hits me in the heart and reminds me of high school. Even if I wasn’t the “partier” type, I still had a lot of fun.

Thanks to Superbad, I will be able to reminisce in the greatness of being a high school student, and remember all the beer I didn’t drink and all of the girls I didn’t hook up with. This movie is a classic, and should go down as one of the best comedies of all-time.  It’s quotable, relatable, and at times, just downright wrong. Any time Emma Stone is in a movie and I don’t rave about her the whole time, it’s obviously pretty darn good.


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I'm a student at the University of Kansas hoping to major in journalism. I love Christopher Nolan films, eating at Taco Bell, and playing indoor soccer. I also like to watch How I Met Your Mother and enjoy writing poetry.

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