Jerry Seinfeld Hints at Seinfeld Super Bowl Commercial

A few weeks ago, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Larry David were spotted at the iconic Tom’s Restaurant aka “Monks Cafe”. Speculation ranged between a Seinfeld reunion, a Super Bowl commercial, or a new episode of Jerry’s great new show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee aka CCGC.  The fact that Jason Alexander was dressed in his George’s iconic red puffy jacket made it clear that he was going to be playing George in whatever it was they were filming.


Today Jerry Seinfeld appeared on WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton” show to talk football, but eventually the conversation made its way into what exactly was being filmed on that day. Jerry said that it was neither a new episode of CCGC nor a Super Bowl commercial, but then said it wasn’t not that either… Jerry did reveal some key points:

1. Other Seinfeld characters were involved (This gets rid of the CCGC theory)

2. Larry David was not on camera (He helped produce Seinfeld)

3. The recording is longer than 60 seconds (Probably gets rid of the Super Bowl theory but not completely)

4. Filming was done in other locations, but not in the UWS apartment

5. This is a one and done feature (Sounds like a commercial)

5. It will be shown “very, very soon” (Like Super Bowl soon?)

So there you have it. Jerry was being very cryptic about the whole thing but it sounds like we are all going to find out very, very soon what exactly this will be. At last year’s Super Bowl we were all delighted to see Ferris Bueller brought back to life in this Honda commercial.

Note that the commercial is longer than 60 seconds. Our best guess is that it’s a Super Bowl commercial, but we would love more than anything to be proven wrong and Seinfeld season 10 to be announced.


BOOM! and it’s a Super Bowl commercial for CCGC



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