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We’re back here at Dead Screen for another edition of Now Playing, where you’ll see we’ve strayed a bit away from the video games and back towards hot television and heartfelt rom-coms. Okay, well we still found time to play a couple games, but who isn’t totally wrapped up in Breaking Bad right now?

Landon’s Pick: Crazy, Stupid, Love

In a world where light, watered-down and predictable romantic comedies rule the box office and repeat on TBS every other day, its always refreshing to see a fairly recent film from the genre come along and take me by surprise. Crazy, Stupid, Love is essentially a perfect date movie, as it takes on an extremely likeable ensemble cast, a well-adjusted screenplay, and thoughtful direction and turn them into one of the finest American rom-coms of the past five years.

Corey’s Pick: Arrested Development
Arrested Development Box

I know I’ll probably be berated for this, but up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never seen an episode of Arrested Development in my life. I’d always meant to, of course, but I just never got around to it. When the fourth season released on Netflix, my interest in the show grew, and eventually I started watching… and I haven’t stopped since. Currently, I’m about halfway through season 3, and I just can’t get enough of Michael Bluth (played dry hilarity by Jason Bateman) and his wacky, greedy family. I’ve heard mixed responses to season 4, but I can now see why fans have been pushing so hard for the show’s revival, and why Netflix jumped at the opportunity to produce new episodes. Arrested Development is truly comedy gold.

Claudia’s Pick: Teenage Exorcists
Vice Logo

As a journalist, I have a love/hate relationship with Vice. I love its cutting-edge stories and unapologetic style, but on the other hand, I find myself rolling my eyes at articles that seem soooo Vice-y. But there’s one thing that’s for sure, and it’s that they know how to make great documentaries. Their namesake show on HBO told some of the most intriguing stories in visual journalism. It remined me of Current TV’s documentary series “Vanguard” but Vicey-er, and that is a good thing. Right now, I’m watching “Teenage Exorcists,” on Vice’s Youtube Channel. Teenage. Exorcists. Do I really have to say more?

Jason’s Pick: Dante’s Inferno
Dantes Inferno Box

Hack and slash adventure games these days need something to stand out. With Dante’s Inferno, you get a love-tinged story about redemption drenched in enough phallic imagery and over-the-top visuals – via things like nipples with tongues comings out of them, vomiting enemies and women who shoot tentacles from between their legs – to make this an experience from start to finish. As serious as the original subject matter is – I suppose it is the afterlife and all – the environment and almost campy story make moments like finding out Lucifer is packing all too funny. But in some seriousness, Dante’s Inferno is one of my favorite games of the past few years, if only for the atmosphere it creates while you’re slamming demons with a scythe and cross.

John’s Pick: Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad Box

Leading up to the premier I was basically a hermit. Struck with the urge to rewatch the entire series Netflix and I did some serious bonding. Even the second time around I found it all captivating and appreciated some scenes all the more. Their way of linking even the most minor of characters into the story is second to none and even episodes where they do things like rob a train or use high powered magnets to disable a laptop never seem outrageous or out of place. The fame it currently has is very well deserved.

What’s on your screen these days? Let us know in the replies!


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