American Horror Story Hotel: S5E12 “Be Our Guest”

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Liz gets her happy ending | Bille Dean Howard

Devil's Night


Here, we have another end of an American Horror Story season – a series that I will continue to be invested in for seasons to come. It’s the curiosity in me to see where this horror-styled “As This World Turns” takes my psyche. This season, the hotel iteration had its issues. For one, in this season finale, I was still fumbling to see what the overall point was within the last meeting of the Hotel Corez. AHS:Hotel had style, but most times, lacked a clear direction.


Before I discuss the things that were right with the episode, let’s talk about the overall ending which may have run a bit longer than it should. Bringing back Bille Dean Howard from Season 1’s Murder House was a neat tie-in. She particularly lends her hand with Iris’ closure with Donovan and Liz’s search for Tristan. If this would have been left right there, the tie-in would have been fruitful. The AHS extended universe has its perks.

However, the Devil’s Night angle may have worked a little better if they would have included past killers from previous seasons. Maybe we could have seen Tate again? Throw a little Bloodyface in there? It would have freshened up the Devil’s Night dinner angle a little bit better than seemed included to further homage to John Lowe’s character. Twas a pity that he couldn’t make it back to the hotel before being killed, but to end the season that way? You probably could have added it to the beginning.

Now for the highlights – Denis O’Hare’s portrayal of Liz Taylor has been the strongest on the show, character development wise. There was a constant theme of rebirth and it does attempt to wrap itself up nicely in the finale. The Hotel Corez gets a makeover, the ghosts come together and decide not to kill any of the guests (that’s a plus), and everyone finds themselves fulfilled in some way. Who would have thought it would take social media to make Sally feel included. (Although with a ghost, would this been a new version of catfish?) Will Drake also undergoes a creative renaissance to invigorate his fashion brand from the afterlife.

The epicenter of all this is Liz Taylor who comes full circle seeing her son have his children before contracting cancer. (I think we’ve heard enough from cancer this week) The Countess gets to make Liz over one more time by killing her to be with her “family of ghosts”. There was a redeeming factor here for their tarnished friendship and an ultimate happy ending for Liz Taylor.

This season was full of double crosses, blood stained sheets, and wanting. Boy, there was a lot of wanting and companionship in this season. There were peaks and valleys with this season that make it seem like AHS needs a shake up. Still, Hotel gave us characters that we care about and some gore with a side of style. All I hope for next season is that Ryan Murphy and Co. interjects a little suspense and horror that was present in the first season for our next go around.


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