American Horror Story Roanoke: S6E2 “Chapter 2”

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Photo Credit: FX

Photo Credit: FX

If you ever wondered how many classic horror tropes could be fit inside an hour TV episode – then the second episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke was for you. It was almost like a walk down memory lane at some points. The fact that Shelby and Matt could think that the local townsfolk could be behind these variable hauntings is insane.

A sacrifice with a pig head. When the couple made the decision to fight back, you knew that trouble was coming. We understand that you have financial arrangements tied up into it, but this almost never ends well. Along with running into the woods at night and destroying a ceremony piece from said ghosts.

Ghosts thrive on confusion: Did you know that the paranormal activity intensified as the craziness between Shelby, Matt, and Lee grew? Viewing any classic ghost movies, you know that the mental aspect is key. As Matt started to question himself if the prior accident caused damage to his psyche, things got crazier. Lee falling off the wagon with alcohol also led to her encounter with the ghosts in the house.

The family is monetarily and emotionally invested into the Roanoke house (due to the disappearance of Flora). As things are filled with more tension and drama, expect to see even more outlandish things happen. Although, given the shortened season, it seems that we are going into fifth gear right out the gates.

The number three: Let’s look at The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Most of the odd occurrences happened at 3 AM, what would be called “the devil’s hour”. Matt woke up around that time to see the murderous nurses. There was also an illusion to Flora’s fascination with her hide-and-seek game starting at the age of three. Perhaps this is just coincidence, but for a show that has relies heavily on the familiar – this theme may show up again in the future.

Murder house | Haunted House: There are season one parallels present, but there are also nods to Asylum. Hell, throw some Coven in there. The current AHS season is trying to gather up everything you loved about the first three seasons and turn it into a “greatest hits” of themes. The arrangement of the house when it was a mini-murder institution hearkens back to Briarcliff Manor.

Did that happen around the same time? We will dive more into the “witch” aspect as we find out more in future episodes, but the “MURDE” stain in the house speaks back to how the series all began. The show is trying to add new reality elements into themes that hooked viewers to begin with.

After two episodes, as you get towards the end, it always seems like we are on the brink of ending the story. Asylum had a lot of moving themes and characters, but somehow, made it work. Every time you think you have a grasp on Roanoke, there’s a little swerve that takes you through the back roads. Some of the appeal of AHS is the cerebral nature of it. You see our characters battling their own afflictions of alcoholism and self-doubt. Could this all be just in their minds?

Also, where is the title crawl?

Main Picture Credit: FX


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