American Horror Story Roanoke: S6E4 “Chapter 4”

7.2 Overall Score
Story Line: 7/10
Characters : 7/10

Blood moons. Massacres. Poor Cricket. Poor, poor Cricket. Is it crazy to believe that we are already at the halfway point in the season? There are probably some viewers out there that are still confused about the entire premise because there are so many moving parts. “Chapter Three” was the most action-packed thus far and got me interested for the next episode. That was something that Hotel failed to do. The entire episode was based upon the house’s history and the parallels’ between this season and season one are plentiful. In terms of Roanoke, it’s a broader spectrum concerning the entire woods. Watching this season, given the rich history of the lost colony of Roanoke, we can decipher that his is that murder house premise on a much large scale to the point where I’m anticipating an overlap.

Let’s not stop there, however. The inclusion of witchcraft and Cricket himself, who is from New Orleans beckons towards the Coven season and a shout out to Edward Phillipe Mott ties into Freakshow. These “tie-ins” don’t seem forced, they are actually very natural into the overall story. “Croatian,” the word that is now known to be dark in nature. Perhaps, that gives a hint into season one where Violet using it did not work as it did not in the woods with Shelby. There’s a lot of questions still to be answered, but a lot of intrigue as well.

If you die on the ground, you’re pretty much doomed to spend an eternity there. A complaint about these type of episodes is that they feel like more of a filler until we get to the next step. Contained in the hysteria and confusion that is now engaged in Shelby and Lee’s relationship, we got a clearer view of why things were happening. The intensity of the hauntings are centered around the blood moon lunar cycle. The original colony of Roanoke are at the mercy of the butcher because of the massacre that occurred within one of these cycles. One main question, is that now that Flora is back, what’s to stop the family from trying to leave now? Unless the ghosts plan to wait at their door step, you might as well get your things and go.

We finally got a little bit more background about the witch that is the ringleader of the entire massacre of the Roanoke colony. It terms of Cricket’s deal with the witch to provide Matt, is it all possible that the twist is that Matt runs away in some twisted “happily ever after” with her? The butcher is revealed to be the ultimate evil even to the point where the prior ghosts such as the nurses were afraid of her. The guides such as Dr. Cunningham and Cricket are both out of the picture, so what’s to stop the ghosts from eventually killing Matt, Flora, and Shelby now? With five episodes to go, even though that we can assume that they will come back as ghosts – will they be on their side or the mindless slaves of the butcher? The ” white light of protection” has not worked up to this point as you can see with the climbing body count.

“Chapter 4” gave us the most shocking scenes to date with a disembowelment, dismemberment, and beheading. For the most part, this was a summary episode that helped push along the story. There are no eerie scenes or even scares per say, there’s more shock, gore and history. This season of AHS is playing out like a TV series and this was our clip show with new wrinkles. A “in case you missed this” if you will just to get us caught up and propel us to the next point.

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