American Horror Story Roanoke: S6E7: “Chapter 7”

7.9 Overall Score
Story Line: 7/10
Characters: 8/10

The huge shift that happened in episode six evolved into an ever bigger melting pot of carnage. The first part of the season introduced a reenacted ghost story, but this second half – you found out that the folklore was real. While ‘Chapter 7’s’ plot was an allegory for any avid horror fans out there. We are talking the haunted house situation where someone dies and there is mass confusion among the big group where there’s confusion. A logical explanation to try to cover for the disappearance (Rory going to California) Not to mention, the big villain who is out for himself (Dominic) who you hope gets his at some point. The meat and potatoes lies in the misdirects. There is also a feeling of jealousy within some of the cast members. Most want to be the “star” of the show. Given a previous motif, ghosts thrive on negativity. This collective of people are full of it.

Could you really tell if Agnes was possessed by the spirit of The Butcher? The show laid down a good foundation to make that foggy for the viewer. The found footage segments show a rejected woman descending into madness again. After all, all she wanted just to be apart of the show. Her fragile mental state – really, every person that is involved of the real Roanoke show has you second guessing choices. You feel sorry for them, but there’s also this feeling that they are all meant to go back to the Roanoke house. Much to Agnes chagrin, she ends up meeting her demise to the real Butcher ghost.

Another shock was the graphic killing of Matt by Shelby. Once again, Matt was draw to Scathach, but if anything, Shelby should have attacked her because it’s all a spell. All of this is being filmed, so she better have a hell of an alibi. Will Scathach come after Shelby because she killed the one she loved? One would believe that this is not the last of this story line.

One of the more shocking scenes was when Audrey and Monet were fed the “thigh jerky” after being kidnapped by the real Polk family. American Horror Story veterans are already familiar with these type scenes from previous seasons – the breast feeding scene from AHS: Asylum comes to mind. In the current season that is full of murderous ghosts, as this season’s “squeamish” scene – it was effective. For the most part, the threats are from the humans themselves. There was one killing by a ghost in chapter six. With the ghostly mob outside their door step, this will be a problem for the three remaining episodes. If this is a reality show, it’s a paranormal version of Survivor, Where the second half of the season is effective thus far, is that there are things just as scary as ghosts. It’s the people who are affected by them.

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