American Horror Story: S6E1 “Chapter One”

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We get back to the scaled down premise that we loved about the series

American Horror Story | Photo Credit: FX

American Horror Story | Photo Credit: FX

The lead up to the current season of American Horror Story was shrouded in mystery and a bunch of trailers that may (or may not) spoke about the theme. It’s not that Freakshow and Hotel were totally terrible per say, but the series started to lose it’s allure. Let’s think of AHS as an evolving play/improv. This is where the actors and actresses are thrown into these crazy situations throughout multiple season. In later stories, there were just too many moving parts that unraveled the central story line. The little things did not matter as much.

AHS either needed to shake things up again or ensue a scale down to get back to what fans loved about it initially. “My Roanoke Nightmare” is airing a full month before prior AHS seasons (usually in October) and has been trimmed down to ten episodes. We are going to get a neat and concise story from co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

The episode starts off with Lily Rabe and The Knick’s Andre Holland narrating their experience as Shelby and Matt with Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. reenacting their story. Adina Porter who is played by Angela Bassett has her own set of demons that we can anticipate them manifesting themselves as the season draws on.

There’s some things that tie this back to season one. First, haven’t we learned from purchasing homes that seem desolate and abandoned for years on end? (Looking at you, Murder House). The second is Roanoke as a theme had familiar grounds in the Murder House. Remember when Violet (Taissa Farmiga) tried to banish Chad (Zachary Quinto) by saying the word “Croatoan” based on the story by the psychic, Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson)?

There were more conventional scares this time around that hearkened back to stories like The Amityville Horror and even The Conjuring movies. The sky opened up with a hail storm of teeth, there were ghosts that appeared on a security system that only one person can see, and we had the car crash-into a ghost-let’s go into the woods motif as well. There was one thing that stood out to me in particular.

With how the show was going, this style looked awfully familiar.

There’s a show on the Lifetime network called My Haunted House (it’s actually pretty well done) that runs along the same lines. There is narration, reenactments of “true stories,” and the scary moments that usually are concurrent with the 15 minute telling of the story. Instead of hating it, I liked that AHS is taking somethings that we are familiar with and adding them into their own story line.

I’m not really sure how this is going to play out. There was no “gotcha” moment. There was no distinct disturbing visual that we are used to seeing. This plays as a strength to the current season as I actually wanted to see where they are going in the episodes to come.


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