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Photo: Warner Bros

Photo: Warner Bros

The DC movie universe has set out to be extremely different that it’s Marvel counterpart in tone and heart. One thing you can say about 2013’s Man Of Steel, it’s that it very visually divisive. As a bit of foreshadowing, Man Of Steel had many different opinions and takes. As far as myself, I felt that it was a good introduction of an iconic character into the world that we live in now. If there is one thing that director Zack Snyder is known for in previous movies, it’s that they are appealing to the eyes – where the new Batman v. Superman holds it’s weight. Unfortunately, movies need more than that which is where the newest entry into the DCU falls a bit short. I walked out of Batman v. Superman trying to make sense of what I saw because there were so many elements almost to a fault. LOOK AWAY, SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD. I’m still not sure what the movie wanted to be or what I even wanted it to be. Did it want to set up the Justice League movies (abet flippantly) or are we being teased into an Injustice story line? Is this a Batman movie or are we reintroducing the new Superman again? Look at the title of the movie; you have two different trains of thought.

The huge tagline of this movie was for the two biggest comic book heroes to forge this epic battle. While the actual fight in the movie seemed great, the reason why the two were fighting was a bit shaky. You would think that smart reporter from Metropolis and a intelligent billionaire from Gotham would get together and figure out their differences another way. This brings me into another confusing part in the movie – Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg). Eisenberg’s portrayal of Luthor is good overall – a maniacal and delirium-driven scientist that is trying to make sense of some alien that came to Earth with immense powers. However, what was the overall motive? Is it that he had intelligence and didn’t have these powers? (which could have been the main theme) Did he want to take over the Senate? Kill Batman? You have a villain with no clear and central purpose which detracts from the the central story. Luthor is the main reason that the two main heroes finally meet, but you are left to wonder how we got there.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Photo: Warner Bros.

The best things about this movie are the new entries into the DCU ring. Now, I realize that there were many cautious people when Ben Affleck was announced as Bruce Wayne/Batman (myself included). When I watched the movie, I realized that this was the incarnation of Batman that I always wanted to see. No disrespect to the Christopher Nolan trilogy, but this version is cold, brooding, and molded from the long years of defending Gotham. This is a prime veteran that has seen his share of terror in all forms. The lone Batman fight scene is very Nolan-esque and effective. Alfred (Jeremy Irons) is the perfect bookend to this universe’s Batman. He’s coy, sarcastic, but also the voice of reason in the logical corner of Bruce Wayne’s head. For the amount of time that we spend looking at Bruce Wayne’s back story (we already know how the Waynes’ die), I enjoyed the look on how it still effects Bruce now, but not so much back then because I’m already familiar with the origin ten times over. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is another highlight in this movie, especially in proportion with the small screen time that she is given. It’s well used and should also quiet the naysayers with Gadot for the time being.

I go back and forth with the personification of Henry Cavil’s Superman. There’s a line that Clark Kent and Perry White (Lawrence Fishburne) have about Superman’s motives and he yells to Clark, “This isn’t 1938!” For all the flack that this “new world” Superman is getting and I’ll admit, he does come aloof at times, I’m a fan of this new wrinkle. Superman does not feel like he belongs on earth where people question his motives and well..Krypton (see last movie). They played that theme in this movie which I felt that we already covered in Man Of Steel extensively. They could have went into the turmoil he feels not being able to save everyone despite his great power, but you cannot do that with him saving Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in literally every act.

Listen, DC had their chances to set their universe in place without feeling the need to play catch up with one movie. Perhaps we are conditioned by the Marvel method of a slow build with a number of movies accumulating into one assemble piece. While I was happy to see these characters all at once and the visuals made purchasing a 3D ticket well worth it, I wish the movie found it’s main point and stuck with it. I don’t know if this movie really got me excited to see Justice League Part 1 as much as I now want individual moves from Batman and Wonder Woman.


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