Boardwalk Empire: S4E12 “Farewell Daddy Blues”

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Main Plot: 10/10
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Harrow got a poetic death | The Eli vs Knox fight | Narcisse and Chalky's meeting

I will forever miss Harrow

Wow. Harrow’s gone everyone. When I saw him on the train to his sister’s house I truly thought that he had made it, and I actually jumped for joy. But then everything seemed off. He walked up to his house, with the family that he always wanted (and deserved) waiting for him. But it was all a dream. It was his dream, but as we saw him lying under the boardwalk where he and Julia had once spent the night I realized he didn’t make it. It was a beautiful scene, and even though I hate to see him go, we knew all along there would be no happy ending for Harrow. It was a tragic, poetic death, and Harrow deserved no less.

The season four finale of Boardwalk was one of the best episodes of the series. It pushed characters to the edge, provided plot twists galore and saw the death of two major players (RIP Harrow). Before Harrow died, he insured that Tommy would forever be safe from Gillian by convincing Nucky to anonymously reveal where Jimmy’s body was buried. And so Gillian will be locked up for murdering Roger and Tommy will forever be out of her clutches.

Two bitter rivalries culminated as well, but let’s start with Eli and Knox. Their fight was vicious and raw, complete with guns, knives, decorations and a saw! Eli eventually finished Knox for good with at least twenty punches to the head and a vase to the face (good riddance Knox). Before any of this happened, Nucky had his brother at gunpoint. So it turns out Nucky did know what was up with Eli’s bunk meeting, and this second betrayal was too much for Nucky. Some part of me wishes William hadn’t run in at the last second, but it set the path for William to now become Nucky’s second-in-command while Eli is on the run for killing a federal agent. As Eli waited for a ride out of town, Van Alden picked him up! So it looks like Eli will be joining the Chicago group, which could provide some really exciting material for next season.

While I have no love for Narcisse, I’m glad that he wasn’t killed. It provided the most shocking moment of the episode, wherein Maybelle got in the way of Harrow’s sniper shot, dying in front of Chalky at the Onyx Club (honestly how is that place still open after all the stuff that happens there?), but it also means that the Narcisse/Chalky war isn’t completely over, with Hoover now using him as an informant. I’m not sure how much we’ll see of him in the coming seasons, but I don’t doubt he’ll pop up again. Chalky, on the other hand, has given his life at the boardwalk up. After watching his daughter die in front of him and Daughter leaving him, it seems as though he is going to stay in Maryland and think things over.

Nucky didn’t get to run away to Cuba with Sally like he wanted, instead being dragged back into the thick of things because Eli killed Knox. Maybe we’ll see a different Nucky, one who yearns for a simpler life, in the coming episodes, but for now he’s staying in New Jersey. The season four finale affected every character in the show. Some are going to new places, some died and some were changed in other ways, but every single character was touched upon and got a fitting end to their stories told this season. I will miss Harrow dearly, but with Eli in Chicago, Will at Nucky’s side and Chalky stewing with anger in Maryland, I can’t not be excited for Boardwalk Empire to return next fall


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