Boardwalk Empire: S4E11 “Havre de Grace”

8.5 Overall Score
Main Plot: 8/10
Sub Plots: 9/10
Anticipation: 10/10

Nucky might be on to Eli and Knox | Gillian's story ends tragically (if it's even over)

Daughter disappears

We’re almost to the end folks. In what has been an excellent season, second-to-last episode “Havre de Grace” provided answers regarding the shady Roy, the origin of Daughter’s name and the plot that Agent Knox is concocting, thanks to Eli. Now, there has been some speculation regarding whether or not Nucky is actually aware of Eli’s betrayal or not. From my point of view, when Eli’s wife let slip that bit of information at dinner, combined with Eli’s unnecessarily violent outburst, is when Nucky knew something was up. He just sipped his tea and watched, and you could almost see the gears working in his head. He also brought up the poem from their childhood, to see Eli’s reaction, which was muted compared to dinner, further showing that Eli was trying to hide something.

Either way, Nucky agreed to Eli’s suggestion about gathering all of the criminals for one big meeting. Obviously Knox is really behind it, but I believe that Nucky is smart enough to know that something is up and that he’s got a trick up his sleeve, especially after his confession to Sally over the phone when he said “I want out.” Nucky is clearly in way too deep to get out without something terrible happening, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something drastic happens at this meeting.

So as it turns out, Chalky does indeed think that Nucky tried to have him killed. He and Daughter made their way to Maryland to stay with his old mentor, Oscar (in a guest appearance by Louis Gossett Jr.). Oscar was an old, blind man from another time, and his barbs towards Daughter seemed cruel, but in the end, Daughter ended up leaving Chalky behind. Despite the fact Chalky has a life back home, I was rooting for their relationship ever since she stabbed Dunn. Daughter has been an immensely interesting character to watch, and as she told Chalky that she was called Daughter because she didn’t remember her name and that was what Narcisse called her, I felt really bad for the poor girl, and I hope this isn’t the last we see of her.

The gun-fight in Maryland was the only real action we got this week, but it resulted in a dead Oscar and a few new friends to join Chalky. While I’m certain that Chalky’s target will be first and foremost Narcisse, I don’t doubt that he will go after Nucky as well. The war between Narcisse and Chalky has been the best arc this season, and picturing Chalky rushing back to town for a bloodbath with his hillbilly friends is an exciting thought.

Lastly, we have poor Gillian. As it turns out, Roy’s big secret was that he is a Pinkerton Agent (like Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite) and that he was hired by Leander to uncover the truth behind her murder of Roger. While Gillian has never been a very likable character, it looked like she had finally gotten some closure, and realized that Tommy was out of her reach. But then everything began to feel off, beginning with Roy’s less than enthusiastic proposal at dinner. I rolled my eyes when the shooting in the garage happened, but wasn’t surprised to see that it was staged to get Gillian to admit to her crimes. It’s a tragic end for Gillian, but it’s not like she deserves it. Now that she has no connections to any other characters, I wonder what they will do with her character.

“Havre de Grace” was a bit slow, but after last week I can understand that. It helped set up the scenario for next week’s finale, and as all of the stories converge on this one meeting I can’t help but think that we are going to get another bloodbath finale, just like last season. It’s been a hell of a ride this year, and I can’t wait to see how everything goes down next week.


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