Boardwalk Empire: S4E7 “William Wilson”

7.8 Overall Score
Main Plot: 8/10
Sub Plots: 7/10
Anticipation: 9/10

Al Capone is given permission to kill O'Boyle

Very, very slow

This week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, “William Wilson,” was a slow moving episode that set things up for future episodes with very little action and a whole lot of romance. Other than a cop getting shot in the face point blank in Chicago by Al Capone, “William Wilson” was a dialogue rich filler that sees Al begin to make moves on O’Banion and Dr. Narcisse plotting against Chalky even more. It also touches on some more minor players like Lucianno and Gillian, who haven’t seen as much screen time as in previous seasons.

I’ll start with these two smaller characters, mostly because some truly weird stuff happened in Gillian’s story arc. Gillian battled her heroin withdrawals, and Ron helped her through everything all the while. Seeing Ron so infatuated with a woman he barely knows (he divorced his wife the day he met Gillian) is almost foreshadowing something awful happening to either him or Gillian, as Gillian’s life never exactly plays out the right way, especially after Jimmy was killed. Lucianno, on the other hand, only had one brief scene with Masseria, who tells him to get heroin on the trucks Nucky owns in Tampa — something that could put another wrench in proceedings in the south.

Boardwalk Empire - S4E7Meanwhile, Nucky begins to sense that something isn’t right about Knox after Eli tells him about the handkerchief. He also has to mediate a fight between Eli and William after William announces that he’s dropped out of school. William has finally become an interesting character and seeing him haunted by what he did to his roommate and the kid who bullied him is clearly changing him, and I hope he might finally join the family business with Eli and Nucky by the end of this season. Eli, on the other hand, was furious that he dropped out, hitting him and eventually getting drunk and verbally abusing Nucky. Nucky brushes it off, but I have a feeling that William’s respect for Nucky may be the cause of a rift between the two brothers.

Knox was out staged by Hoover during a speech in which he takes the entire credit for the “organized crime” theory. This may make Knox change allegiances, but wherever it’s going I have a feeling that Hoover and Nucky might finally become involved with each other. But it’s Dr. Narcisse and Daughter’s seduction of Chalky that really helped the episode shine. Chalky and Daughter seem all lovey-dovey in bed together, and Daughter even calls Nucky “her man,” just to find out she’s spying for Narcisse. It was also revealed that Narcisse is the man that murdered her mother, who was a prostitute. The relationship between Narcisse and Daughter is strange to say the least, but they both seem to be interested in undermining Chalky, which isn’t a good thing. Lastly, Dunn’s killing of the pastor at the end of the episode for interfering with his heroin business was grisly and showed how far Dunn will go to allow his business to thrive.

“William Wilson” moved the season along at a snail’s pace, albeit an interesting one. Seeing the web of conspiracy in the show is always a rush, since there are so many alliances and characters it’s always interesting to find out more about them. Also, Al Capone now has full permission to kill O’Banion, so who else is finally ready for Al Capone to wage war?! Overall, “William Wilson” is a solid episode that makes anticipation for the rest of the season almost unbearable.


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