Boardwalk Empire: S4E6 “The North Star”

7.5 Overall Score
Main Plot: 7/10
Sub Plots: 8/10
Anticipation: 8/10

Things are looking up for Harrow | The Eli/Knox arc

Doesn't move forward much plot-wise

She’s back, people! Margaret has made her first appearance in Season Four in a brief lunch with Nucky at Pennsylvania Station. While Margaret certainly doesn’t redeem herself in this scene, it’s short enough for her not to ruin proceedings as well. The best part of the scene was actually seeing that Nucky has been affected by the suicide of Eddie, and didn’t know who to talk to, so he sought out Margaret. She was as cold to him as ever, but she accepts Nucky’s gift for her son, and when she asks if there is a creature in the box, Nucky’s reply of “I would never put anything alive in a box,” and Margaret’s immediate reaction was a comical and sly way of referencing Owen’s death.

Overall, “The North Star” was a bit of a lull in a (so far) awesome season. The action was honed back a bit, which is perfectly okay, but it does little to move the plot forward other than some proceedings in Florida. Harrow made a return this week after a two episode hiatus, and things seem to be looking up for everyone’s favorite war veteran. Brought back to Tommy because of her father’s diagnosis of cirrhosis, Julia is smart enough to know that she will need a man in the house when her father passes, and while nothing every stays boring (or normal) for Harrow, him walking the boardwalk holding Tommy’s hand shows hope that Harrow’s Frankenstein family dream may become reality.

Boardwalk Empire - S4E6Eli and Knox had the most interesting arc this week, beginning with Knox being reprimanded by Hoover after news of Eddie’s suicide breaks. In the end, Knox convinces Hoover to give him one more chance, which leads him to Eli. Eli, having failed to gain access to a safe deposit box, mistakenly assigns Knox to the task, which he completes. Eli has made a lot of mistakes in Boardwalk, and after finally being in good graces with Nucky, I really hope that this slip doesn’t catch up with him, especially after he noticed the different initials on the handkerchief that Knox provides him. Eli is also surprisingly affected by the suicide, especially after he finds out Eddie had children. He ends up weeping in front of Knox, which may have shown Knox a weak point in which to strike the Thompsons, but Eli noticing the wrong initials may have him saving Nucky from Knox’s clutches.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Nucky brings Lucianno and Meyer into the mix, while Mr. Petrocelli is introduced by McCoy. Petrocelli scares Lucianno out of the deal, creating a rift between himself and Lansky, as Lansky stays on to partner with Nucky. Nucky also has a drunken fight with bar-owner Sally, which ends with the two having relations on a table. This results in Nucky appointing Sally as his manager in the South, and helps his woes towards Eddie show us his softer side, as he recalls thinking only about himself when he heard about the suicide.

To end, Chalky and Daughter go at it, and Chalky’s attractions get the best of him. The two have been going back and forth since Daughter joined the club, and it was only a matter of time before the two got together. It was just the way they got together that was interesting — and surprisingly brutal. I’m not sure where this relation will get Chalky, especially since Daughter works for Narcisse, who seems to be actively working against the club owner, but I doubt it will be pretty. Otherwise, “The North Star” was definitively a filler episode, introducing an old character back into the mix as well as showing new complications and romance.


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