Boardwalk Empire: S4E10 “White Horse Pike”

9.5 Overall Score
Main Plot: 10/10
Sub Plots: 9/10
Anticipation: 10/10

The Chalky/Narcisse war is endlessly watchable | William joins the family business | Stories finally coming together

In the best episode of the season so far, the stories that have all been meandering along by themselves all fall finally converge. Other than a couple of arcs that take place outside of Atlantic City, the war between Narcisse and Chalky finally pulls a rigidly neutral Nucky out of the shadows and into the battle. The episode begins with a spraying of bullets and loads of bodies as Chalky shoots up Narcisse and his boys, but the action definitely didn’t stop there.

The war between Narcisse and Chalky has been one of the strongest arcs this season, and I’m glad to see Nucky finally getting into it. After meeting with Masseria and realizing that the heroin that is secretly being shipped from Tampa is due to a partnership between Masseria and Narcisse, Nucky really saw how dire the situation with Narcisse was. This, followed by William telling Nucky that Narcisse and the Mayor were also in cahoots, are how Nucky realizes that he needs to help Chalky take this dangerous man down.

Chalky is proving resilient as ever, first taking a bullet in the midst of the introductory shooting, then brutally dispatching two crooked cops the Mayor sent. Chalky has come close to biting it all season, but I’m glad to see that he’s getting himself together after being in a haze of love because of Daughter. What was most interesting in the war this week; however, was the foreshadowing that Narcisse may go after Chalky’s family. Maybelle meeting Narcisse was an incredibly tense scene with the knowledge that Narcisse isn’t the kindest towards women, but nothing comes of it other than even more plotting by Narcisse.

In Chicago the Capones had a short-lived celebration following the demise of O’Banion. Van Alden saved Al yet again, but this time from an attempted assassination from machine gunners. Who is behind the attack in shady for now, but Torrio was acting a bit strangely towards Al, and the attack began right after he left. It’s a long shot with such little knowledge, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Torrio thought Al was beginning to act too superior as of late.

Much to my disappointment, Eli seems to be giving Knox information on Nucky. The information he’s giving him isn’t exactly great, and once Knox realizes this he has the audacity to stop at Eli’s house. Eli clearly hates Knox, and I hope that giving him bunk information is giving him time to concoct a plan. Speaking of Knox, he’s really coming unraveled. Hoover is all but ignoring his every word and taking his ideas from him, and the toll is obvious on Knox. He shot a man point blank in front of dozens of people and, as earlier mentioned, showed up at Eli’s house. That guy is a time bomb of destruction; you never know what he’s going to do next.

Harrow was on the sidelines this week, but he seems to be working as a dishwasher at Chalky’s club. If his job description is also something else is yet to be seen, but I can’t see Harrow not getting dragged into the war that’s being waged, especially after seeing the respect that Chalky gives him. Just imagining a Chalky/Harrow team-up is making me giddy. The end of episode just felt epic, as the two Thompson brothers finally accept young William into the “family business.” I think that was what Will’s arc has been aiming towards all season, and the three standing together, readying for the coming war made me more excited than anything.


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