Dead Space 3

6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Plot: 5/10
Graphics: 8/10

This is a great looking game with a couple much needed additions to support the game's shift to a more action-oriented field of vision.

The story, and how it is presented, is past any sort of mysticism – it just doesn't have what it takes to pull everything together.

Ah, the thought of a much beloved or respected series seeing a new installment. You can almost enjoy it among the outcries for heresy and lunacy depending on the game – Dead Space seemingly was no stranger to this as the game shifted from a primarily horror-based third-person shooter to a co-op ready action-leaning space expedition. In its third edition, Dead Space takes plenty of departures from its tried and true formula – some that spark new ideas, others that seem a bit forced. But while some might find the different enemies and weapon customization a bit jarring, it is in the execution of the game’s staples where Dead Space 3 falters just enough to keep you second guessing the adventure playing out in front of you.

Dead Space 3 - Screenshot 1DS3 finds us in the mist of Isaac Clarke’s newest chapter in the ongoing saga against the Unitologists and the Marker. Though this time humans play a much bigger role in the weight of the story (read: guys shooting guns), the necromorphs are still in full swing with a packed hand of tricks up their sleeves. The story itself crutches much on Clarke’s interactions with his “partner” John Carver and the team already dispatched to the frigid planet referred to as the Marker homeworld. At times, the story itself seems a bit muddled – and not in the name of ambiguity – as the mixture of necros and human fiddling in psycho and power trips can be a bit much for a game trying to noticeably expand its playability through adding a cover system and a nifty dose of experimenting in weapon customization.

As far as the gameplay goes, the mechanics of rolling and running through human and non-human enemies can get a little tedious through some interesting controller mapping. The cover system is a bit useless as well, especially on lower difficulties, taking the on-the-fly element of speedy necromorph killing to a slow pick off of soldiers. However, the general idea of having a second person to help take care of dangers is a true test of cooperation at times, especially in traveling sequences where one hit might set you back a few minutes. In that sense, DS3 succeeds in correctly tapping into such a mindset to keep a two-person team constantly working together to finish the objectives set to them.

Dead Space 3 - Screenshot 3As far as impressing a new audience is concerned, or at least pleasing the current fanbase, Dead Space 3 excels not only in creating a lengthy and deep campaign but in constructing convincing environments with which you can execute such missions. Optional side missions and co-op only runs add to the fun with solid ideas that reveal some of the game’s more gripping moments – mainly revealing Carver’s broken past in the co-op cuts or looking for additional supplies on abandoned ships. On the flip, though, at times the searching of different ships leads to a little bit of deja vu when attempting to fulfill such missions in terms of how the environments are set up. If anything, such repetition isn’t necessarily a set back in the overall feel of the game, but it can feel a bit strange to set practically the same room a few different times.

But in the fizzle that ends this game storywise, Dead Space 3 doesn’t quite feel like a rollover in terms of simply trying to cash in on what was a bubbling franchise following two well-done games. This third addition has some moments of strong conviction and beautiful execution, but such moments are clouded by poorly unfolding events that seem almost too vague to truly feel connected to. At the culmination of roughly 30-plus hours in one run through, the spark that has ignited such a passion in this franchise seems misfired more often than not – leaving us with a not quite potential-filling action game in Dead Space 3.


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