Fringe: S4E09 “Enemy of My Enemy”

9 Overall Score
Story : 9/10
Special Effects: 9/10
Acting: 8/10

New plot twists | Great special effects and action

Do we care about these characers?

This episode was completely bonkers, but just go with it.  Though my gripes  from my review of last week’s episode still stand (see: why do we care about these characters at all?), the writers seem to be having a lot of fun playing with these”new” characters.  This in return leads to some shocking reveals and twists that are simply great.  I mean revealing both Broyles and Nina Sharp are evil? Awesome.  I can’t wait to see what their motivations are.

As hinted in “Back to Where You’ve Never Been”, David Robert Jones returns to Fringe as the main villain, and I’m really enjoying him and his James Bond-movie bad guy feel.  And thanks to him, both universes finally have a common enemy. This has been something I’ve been begging for ever since the merge of the two universes.  Finally we are getting past the “petty spite” stage between the alter-ego versions of characters and hopefully this will lead to some more compelling variety between them.

I just hope that this new Jones story line isn’t simply a distraction to delay Peter returning, even if it is an entertaining distraction.  Being that Peter is an anomaly in the new world, he has the benefit of having outside information, and  I really like where they are going with this.  Peter being the “variable” that the chess-master Jones could have never predicted is great and harkens back to the badass, MIT-dropout Peter of the old days.

My one annoyance is the slight flirtation between Peter and Olivia near the end.  As I said last week, we’ve seen  all this before.  Does Peter really have to bang 3 different versions of a Olivia?  That’s all I’m saying.  I apologize.

Moving on, as expected from a Fringe story-arc episode, the special effects and action scenes are top notch here.  There are countless crazy scenes.  The front quarter of Olivia’s SUV being cleanly severed, a hand has the skin on its palm literally melted and ripped off, Jones’ makeup is creepy and effective, and on top of that there are multiple “24” style action scenes.

I’m trying to get past the whole “why should we care about these characters” conundrum that Fringe has bottle necked itself into. Even if this whole story-arc ends up being a waste of time in the long run, at least this episode proves it can be an entertaining waste of time.




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