Fringe: S4E10 “Forced Perspective”

8.5 Overall Score
Ep. Story: 8/10
Special Effects: 9/10
Acting: 8/10

Great special effects | Actual plot development even though its a one off episode

Still, its a procedural episode.

Fringe heads back to its standard formula this week, but it’s an episode that actually works, though cliche at times. The “mystery of the week” this time involves a future telling teenage girl named Emily who can draw the gruesome deaths of random strangers. Though its a plot that has been done before in other mediums, it works and actually helps develop the main story arc thanks to her parallel to both the Observers’ ability and Olivia being in the cortexiphan trials. The actor that portrays Emily is hit or miss here, but nothing to get worked up about.

Certain special effects scenes are absolutely stunning. The bomb blast frozen in time was incredible, especially since this is just a television show. Add that to the poor chap that got impaled by a girder early on and you have some of the best visuals the series has produced yet. Its very satisfying to see a show so many episodes in still keep the production value found early on. Props given.

Main plots development was briefly touched here, but considering the usual lack of main plot references heard in Fringe procedural episodes, it was surprisingly focused here. The lack of Mr. Jones was kind of startling though, considering the past two episodes presented him as the main villain. I won’t get to hung up on it though because the Observers got to take the main role here, and that is always welcome. I’m still mixed with the whole “Olivia must die” arc and it does seem a little forced in its development, especially during the bomb scene where she talks down the bomber. The ending with Peter revealing to Olivia that the Observers are always right and here reaction were great though and I hope her confidence is shaken by this in the next few episodes.

One quick note, why has no one in the Fringe division sat Peter down and said “Can you tell me everything you know about, well everything?”. I understand the reasoning in the structure of the show, but are we really going to go through every week having Peter say “Oh you don’t know about [blank]?”. It is fun to see Peter be a bad ass with all the knowledge, but it’s become tiresome. Broyles revealing the Observers in the back room to Olivia was a fun little parallel to the similar scene in season 1 and all of Broyles secret rooms of research in the building. Good times.

Mysteries keep adding up with Nina Sharp and Olivia’s headaches being brought up again. Nina has always been my secret favorite character of the serious. She’s actually thankfully underdeveloped, allowing for her character to stand in a constant state of “good or evil”. Plus the whole “new world” scenario just adds to this with every character’s past being changed. The actress portraying Nina Sharp does a great job here always coming off as slightly evil and bureaucratic with her lines, which just adds to the interest in her character.

Overall the episode was not a waste by any means, which is a good thing for a Fringe procedural episode. The episode story was entertaining and we had actual character and plot development. I just wish all Fringe procedural episodes worked like that. I’m sure in the coming weeks we will get a lot of throwaway single episodes, but hopefully not if this episode has anything to say about it.


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