Fringe: S4E11 “Making Angels”

7.5 Overall Score
Week Plot: 7/10
Main Plot: 8/10
Acting: 7/10

Faux-livia | Observers


In this episode, both versions of Astrid get thrown into the forefront.  Unfortunately we finally realize why she was so long kept underdeveloped.  The writers obviously wanted to flesh out Astrid, but wanted to do it very quickly.  The no build up introduction with alternate-Astrid jumping universes, the forced emotional scene between the two versions of Astrid, the random inclusion of the father issues, it all comes off forced and rushed.

I feel like people’s thoughts on alternate Astrid will vary greatly.  I found her to be a complete miss.  What started as a small “Hey look she’s dead serious in this universe but not in the other” has now turned near-parody.  Every line she spoke was an annoyance to me and hard to watch.  I’m still confused if the writers were hoping she would come off slightly comical or what.  We’ve seen monotone characters before and they work, but here it completely took me out of the episode.  I’m still trying to determine if it was the acting or the writing.

The story this week was nothing special but it got the job done.  This weeks episode involved a  mathematician that could use advanced differential equations to see the future.  I find it odd that this is the plot they choose considering last week’s episode also involved a character with similar abilities, but I’ll let it go (maybe it was intentional?).  The story was mainly forgettable and really just acted as a device so we could see more interaction between alternate versions of characters and some Observer fun.  It was great seeing Faux-livia interacting with our Walter.  Anna Torv does a great job coming off almost naturally flirty here and it was great to see Walter in a scene where he wasn’t the main source of awkwardness.

The ending reveal that the device our villain was carrying belonged to the Observers was pretty interesting.  I like that Fringe has done a better job this season intertwining the weekly mysteries with the main plot line, even if once again we got snubbed with the lack of Nina Sharp and Mr. Jones.  At least something was shown off and its not just a throwaway episode main plot-wise. I hope they continue this emphasis on the Observers.  They really are the most interesting part of the show.

It is obvious this episode wanted to focus of character development and the juxtaposition of alternate character versions, but overall it came off a little forced.  At least the main plot was developed and it really seems like they are building towards something.  Hopefully that “something” comes to fruition soon.


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