Fringe: S4E12 “Welcome to Westfield”

7.5 Overall Score
Weekly Story: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Special Effects: 8/10

Change from the norm | Interesting

Episode Pacing | Can be boring

This week’s episode was quite the change from the norm for Fringe, but is still somewhat predictable. It was a nice to see the writers try something new by isolating the three main characters off from the rest of the Fringe division and it is something I wish we saw more of. It is fun seeing them stripped of all their resources and it adds to the tension and survival horror aspect of the episode.

The early scene with Walter at the diner was great. John Noble, as always, kills it as Walter. I feel bad for Walter though. He finally gets out of the house and walks right into a zombie-esque apocalypse and almost gets killed by a schizophrenic, crazy-eyed chef, all because he wanted some pie. If I’ve learned anything from Supernatural, it would be that if the writers are putting emphasis on eating a random item at a diner, shit is going to go down. Peter walking into a room of bodies was handled perfectly, with the lack of buildup working in its favor. Props again to the special effects team.

Unfortunately this episode suffers once again from the typical Fringe problem: episode pacing. After a big start, the whole middle part of the episode was a complete bore. There were a few good makeup effects that were worth seeing, but for the most part it seemed like we were just waiting. I predicted within the first few minutes of the episode that the problem was with the two universes overlapping (something we’ve seen many times before…), and that may have added to this pacing issue. The ending of course picks up again with a pretty well done double faced man, and then oh yeah, the whole town being leveled to nothing but sand and random grass.

That was quite the interesting site. Unfortunately the writers seemed to want to force in some emotional “oh no, my whole town is gone” from the side characters, and it really fell flat. You could tell they were doing this the whole episode, but its never fleshed out well enough to work.

It was interesting to see our classic Olivia bleeding over, and its a nice addition to the overall story arc. We now have to ask has Peter been home all along or is this something to do with Nina Sharp injecting junk into Olivia or something else. Add this in with the Observers and the machine and it really is intriguing. Lets just hope they don’t bite off more than they can chew.

Overall it was a decent episode. It had its moments and it added to the intrigue of the main arc, but a lot of time was wasted. I felt like the writers had a great idea to have Peter and the gang in a zombie apocalypse, but they didn’t do much from there. If this were fleshed out better and maybe a little more polished, it could have been a classic. Instead its just average.


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