Fringe: S4E15 “A Short Story About Love”

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Fringe is back!  And this might be it folks (we still don’t know Fringe’s renewal status), and that might not be such a bad thing.  I didn’t mean that as implying this episode was bad, it wasn’t at all actually.  What i mean is we may finally get concrete answers for all our questions since there may be an end in sight, and this episode previewed that.

Lets get right into.  Finally that damn beacon from all the way back from season 1 is actually put to use, though somewhat anti-climatically.  Basically it just got September back to the universe which would have been pretty epic except for the fact that he hadn’t even been gone for an episode.  But the real win came when Peter was able to  instantly call in his favor and ask September how to get back home.  After a full season of going back and forth between the question we finally get a definitive answer that Peter indeed was home all along.  I will admit that the reason behind everything makes sense and works, though cheesy as hell.  Did they really have to have September outspokenly state “I believe it is what you humans refer to as love”?  My eyes rolled, but I’ll let it go.  I’ll let it go.  At the end of the day it works.  Peter was removed completely from the universe and all references to him hence never existed, but certain people couldn’t get rid of all the remnants of him from their mind because of their bond with him, so it allows him to come back since not all of him was deleted.  It kinda sounds stupid when I write it down, but it works in my opinion.  Seeing Olivia and Peter kiss happily at the end would have been great if we hadn’t already had essentially the same scene a few episodes back, but I still bet the female audience loved it.

My one complaint is once again, have we accomplished anything?  No real progress has been made.  Overall it just feels like this whole “Peter being removed” story was a just a diversion more than anything.  And now I’m worried that the series will end with them simply defeating Jones and living happily ever after.  Only time will tell I presume.

Now that we’ve talked about the main story arc, lets get into the “monster of the week” part.  I was actually surprised that after all these years Fringe is still able to come up with a pretty clever and novel scenario.  In an era where it seems every other patient on House has an auto immune disease, its refreshing to see a show be original with its weekly plots.  The opening scene between the villain and the female victim was eerie and I was actually quite creeped out, something shows rarely do for me.  Seeing this deformed man assault a woman and then some how have her kiss him willingly was quite shocking in my opinion. Of course in classic Fringe fashion, the consent between the two quickly goes away and our villain has to take the female out via asphyxiation using saran wrap.   That’s fun.

The story from there kind of wanes and kind of screws with the pacing of the episode, but it was still good enough and still tied in with the whole “love” theme of the episode.  I still wish they would have dived deeper into the back story of our villain since his deformity and passion almost begs for it and I feel like doing so would have really brought the story to a whole nother level.

Overall though it was a quality episode.  I’m really excited for the coming episodes of Fringe.  If they do it right, we could have some of the best episodes of the series.  Hopefully the writers don’t hold back.


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