Gotham: Mad City: S3E4 “New Day Rising”

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Story Line : 7/10
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Before starting this review, you have to give credence to Gotham as a TV show doing a bit of tightening up in their story lines. For the most part, everyone plays their role and it adds validity into something that the viewer can actively invest in as a meaningful narrative. You sympathize with some and there are actions that make you question the motives of others. Although this season is a bit early, this is better than the two previous seasons before it.

The “clone Bruce” story line always felt more like a side story to keep Bruce occupied. Served as a go-between to hint at the young, awkward feelings between Bruce and Selena. However, what seems like the less major story of the three got taken up a notch thanks to the Court of Owls. With a show like this, there’s a difficult challenge when the main character in the universe is not the main character in the story. As your seeing with the Court of Owls, this is a way for Bruce to get a little bit more involved with some foreshadowing mixed in.

There’s this whole Lee and Gordon conundrum that acted as a inhibitor to the story, rather than hindering it. Jervis Tetch was able to turn Jim’s broken and dejected nature against himself while getting into his mind. It’s funny that Jim has to continuity go to Barbara for help or a lead. Jim’s encounter with Lee gives the obvious notion that both still do love each other. When Jim spoke to Lee saying that he was happy for her no matter what, it really seemed like that Saved By The Bell episode where Zack tells this to Kelly as she starts her relationship with Jeff. In some way, shape, or form, they will find each other again, although it gets a bit complicated with the Carmine family.

Oswald’s victory in the electoral race for mayor of Gotham was a fun tug o’ war between Edward Nygma and Butch. Oswald is obviously blinded by his need for acceptance of some sort. This is the heart of his foray into politics. Edward enables the “clean” campaign for Oswald to finally see that people are willing to accept him for who he is. This is noticeably driving a wedge between Butch (the muscle) and Oswald, but it’s still yet to be seen why Edward is doing what he’s doing. As he morphs more and more into his ‘Riddler’ persona, does he have Oswald’s best interest at heart?

Barnes is going to serve a bigger purpose down the line as he is now infected with Alice’s blood. There was an ominous statement that he said to Bullock towards the end of the episode. “James Gordon is going to get you killed one day. You get that?” As much as the Gordon/Bullock dynamic is working, it seems like Bullock will meet his untimely end sooner than later.

The Mad Hatter escaped, but hopefully will come back into the fold soon. If not, who will serve as the main villain? Barnes is an interesting prospect, but will it come from another person that we are familiar with? Through four episodes of Gotham, there are roots that you can grow and make compelling without rushing through them.

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