Gotham: S1E3 “The Balloonman”

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The descent of Gotham into desolence

Way too much foreshadowing | Who is going to save Gotham?

I would call it the “two steps forward and one step back” syndrome. Gotham has a lot of potential with a lot of roads it can go, but it’s not sure which one is the right one to venture. There are a lot of characters – I mean A LOT you can dive into, but when does it become too much that the writers lose a little touch? Only time will tell, but the “The Balloonman” episode enamored me because it looks forward to what could happen.

There was a lack of Bruce Wayne in this episode, but that does not mean that his imprint isn’t rampant throughout this episode. The Balloonman is an early version of Batman – taking the law into his own hands to punish the corrupt. That’s a pretty insane way to die, but does give a bunch of foreshadowing if you are familiar with the Gotham story. Even when Bullock and Gordon was trying to apprehend him, he argues that they should be on the same side. Even to elude that there will be more like him with a young Bruce Wayne watching on was a nice segway. “Who will save Gotham?”. Anybody who isn’t under a rock knows who it is..

The dynamic between Gordon and Bullock is the main story of the episode and it tells the story of the Gotham police department. Jim Gordon is out on an island because he wants to do things by the book and the right way. Bullock is the symbol of the laissez faire shield of Gotham. They investigate the crimes that they want and let things work themselves out. Bullock even argues that The Balloonman is a necessary evil as he’s cleaning up the streets on political figures that are robbing people. The funny thing is that the mob figures like Fish, Falcone and Maroni are more for order than the actual police itself. The first scene when Penguin comes back to Gotham and the various instances of crime that happen is another instance of foreshadowing of the degradation of the city.

Who in the hell is going to save Gotham? One of the issues that the show is facing is that fans are already clamoring for Batman to bring some balance. Right now, it’s too villain heavy. Perhaps with Harvey Dent on the way, we get some sort of balance where we don’t have to refer to the Dark Knight so much – just maybe.


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