GOTHAM: S2E13 “A Dead Man Feels No Cold”

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Mr. Freeze | The End Of The Episode

The Plot To Capture Mr. Freeze


There were a lot of little elements with this new episode. Some were pretty cool and some were, well….eh. I almost feel like “A Dead Man Feels No Cold” was a continuation from last week’s “Mr. Freeze”. SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD:

First off, the overall plot to catch Victor was a bit wonky. “I know, let’s put Nora in Arkham and that will draw him to us!” This plot line was a little too neat. It essentially gave everyone what they wanted without little strategy. I realize we only have less than an hour, but it’s hard to believe that everything went without a hitch. Another minor quip is Mr. Freeze’s outfit. It was a cross between a hockey suit and some type of megazord. Again, minor quip because the real suit is on the way. Other than that, there were a couple of key elements to this episode that made it stand out:

The Men With Two Faces: See what I did there? It was good to see Bruce back into the fold with an illusion to his “Dark Knight” persona in the beginning discussion with Lee. The three main men of the episode (Bruce, Jim, and Victor) all have this split identities – more so Bruce in a dual identity sense, but we know where this is going. Gordon kills Galavan to protect Gotham and Fries is doing this to save the one he loves. The secrets and actions all serve a purpose that seem to be separate from each person’s true character. Now, Gotham could have let the creeping Galavan murder secret play out further with Hugo Strange overhearing the argument between Penguin and Gordon. (I still hope there are repercussions with this.)

Instead, Nora and Leslie have a conversation in Arkham about the darker side of their men and it seemed to throw Leslie in doubt about Jim and the whole night. It’s only a matter of time that the real cause of death of Galavan will rear it’s ugly head, but it rushed a neat connection between the men of the series to telegraph what is going to

The Sympathetic Villain: Victor Fries’ character has always come off as a tragic figure in the Batman universe. Although he is essentially freezing people to death, he’s doing it on the count of trying to save his wife Nora. The exchanges that they both have work well as they actually develop Victor’s story line other than just being a two-week villain. I was so happy to see Fries get developed to the point where he may become a reoccurring character, let alone villain that matters. Paired with Hugo Strange, he can do some real damage.

Back To Bruce: Well, we find the supposed killer of his parents and Alfred has elected himself to do the deed of justice and kill the man. Then Bruce asks Selina for a gun because he wants to do it himself. The ordeal with Galavan has set Bruce on a course with a brutal resolve that will continue into his adult years. Assuming Alfred fails in his quest to kill “Matches” (and looking at the preview for next week, he will), this will set the tone for Bruce to be the protector at a very young age.


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