GOTHAM: S2E19 “Azrael”

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Azrael | Hugo Strange delivers again

Why do the villains always get caught? | Is Barnes Dead

Photo Credit: Fox

Photo Credit: Fox

As it was teased previously in trailers for season two, we finally got a taste of Azrael through the streets of Gotham. It goes to say, this was a different version than you would find within Batman’s “Knightfall” story line. The costume is a little bit different as far as an interpretation goes from the comics, but looked pretty cool on screen. For the most part, I’m ok with Theo Galavan’s purpose interceding with Azrael because it worked in this episode on two different levels.

The first is in terms with the delightfully evil Hugo Strange. I still wonder why Strange uses villains that have enact to get caught doing their dirty deeds (Mr. Freeze as well), but B.D. Wong once again is allotted the time to flourish as the puppet master for everything to go wrong in Gotham in season two. The second is with Bruce Wayne himself. During Azrael’s first encounter, you can see how enamored Wayne was once he saw him in action – costume and all. There’s also an exchange with Jim and Bruce in the police station where you see that “leaving matters to the police” is starting to get to Bruce. Although he’s way too young to take up the Batman mantle at this point, it was a great nod to that time without being too showy.

I did not mention how Azrael may be a personification of Jim’s sins because it feels like most of the season has been a summary of that already. A thing to keep your eye on is the relationship between Penguin and the now resurrected Galavan as there will be some sense of revenge at play. This poor bastard has been through so much this season. Let’s hope he gets a win somewhere.

The Riddler continues to be a delight if you consider him to be the undercurrent through the main story of this episode. Edward Nygma is fully coming into his manipulative role and with the discovery of the experiments that lie within Arkham, he will no doubt use them to his advantage. With three episodes left in the season, “Azrael” was a pretty good bridge to start wrapping “The Wraith of the Villains” arch up. It was fun to see and straightforward with little drawback.


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