GOTHAM: S2E22 “Transference”

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Story Line: 6/10
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What That Jerome?

Yet Another Failed Strange Plan

Photo Credit: Fox

Photo Credit: Fox

Gotham as a show is just a bunch of combustible elements held together by one, loose ember. Just when you thought the show had no more tricks up it’s sleeve, there was a bus full of monsters that were let loose upon the city. There was a mind controlling Fish Mooney, Ok, this episode had it’s insanity and far-fetched premises, but that is what gives Gotham it’s muster. The finale went out of this way to see up what will be an eventful season three, even if it was a little messy getting there. Clayface’s portrayal of Gordon’s raspy personality was comical during the early part of the episode, but was just a place holder in the overall scheme.

For the entire season, I enjoyed Hugo Strange as what we would consider the main villain of the entire season. There’s one caveat to that – he’s so damn sloppy. All of his plans either take way too long to come to fruition or his experiments end up in some sort of trouble. The series of questioning that Strange does with Jim Gordon pretty much gave away that the Court of Owls are controlling Gotham. He’s like the villain that tells you his plan just when he thinks he has you and for some reason, always messes up. Strange will most likely have to answer to the Court in the upcoming season as he failed to destroy all his creations in Indian Hill.

The bomb that was going to level the whole city block was defused by…water? It was just a instance of happenstance that Lucius and Gordon got it done with one second left. Um..great! Sure! Jim is going to go after Lee (as he should) which is going to leave Bullock in charge. There’s probably going to be a new recruit in there, but it will be interesting to see how Bullock will be able to handle all the impending threats on his own. Perhaps Bruce Wayne should break out that cape because Gotham is going to need it next season.

Fish Mooney is back in full – now with mind control powers. Will there be a tug-a-war for the heart of the city involving her and Penguin? It’s not going to be that easy, with the Court of Owls who are going to be agitated that all of these creatures are running upon their city. The stakes have been raised at the end of the episode. You hear Jerome‘s laugh, maybe get a glimpse of Scarecrow, and see a long haired clone of Bruce Wayne himself. There are a lot of interesting theories floating around about this (Hush? Talon?) If Gotham sticks to the two season halves that it did this season, it might work. The finale and the overall had some great elements to build upon – the thing that held it back from being great was not developing interesting parts of the plot enough. Once we get used to someone, they are either relegated or done away with all together. Gotham is improving, but season three might be the point where it makes it defining moment.


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