Gotham S2E8: “Tonight’s The Night”

7.9 Overall Score
Story Line: 7/10
Characters: 8/10

Theo and Bruce Dynamic | Edward becoming himself

How is Barbara going to come into play down the road?


Well, Barbara went the full slate of crazy in this episode. Throughout the season, we’ve seen the Harley Quinn-like parallels to her character, but it was nice to see that she got a full episode to develop that crazy. Within this whole cat and mouse game that was being developed, one can’t help to feel that there might be some faint feelings between Barbara and Jim still. Even with (SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD) Barbara tying up Jim in a wheelchair and brandishing a sawed-off shotgun to his face. I mean, if that isn’t love then what is? In the closing moments of the story line, we all thought during the commercial break that Barbara was going to meet her end. Would it have been fitting? I think so.

In the suspension of disbelief (and this is disbelief), Barbara survives the three story fall due to some well-placed shrubs and branches. C’mon. Yes, I like the character, but if you are going to keep her around, there has to be some emotional payoff. The relationship between Leslie and Jim could take a hit as Leslie was present when Jim kissed Barbara in the interrogation room and the look in Jim’s eyes when Barbara was being loaded into the ambulance. Is there trouble in paradise? Hopefully we get to see this “love triange” play out somewhat.


The dynamic between Theo, Bruce and Alfred is the best part of the episode. I don’t really believe that Theo really knew who killed Bruce’s parents. In different incarnations of Batman stories, Bruce really never knows. It makes the dynamic of the documents burning in the fireplace that more interesting. Alfred being the voice of reason pointing out that Bruce is getting a raw deal in signing his shares of Wayne Enterprises away is a good foreshadowing of what Alfred will be in his life down the road. Sometimes, Bruce Wayne needs to be evened out by a level headed person. In the end, Bruce decided not to sign it on his own. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. This episode had a good bridge to where Alfred says to Bruce that he is the enduring legacy of his parents, but Bruce cries and wants it to be over.

Edward has clearly starting giving in to this more Riddler-esque side, although he’s killing people more and more. Among his burial session in the woods, he discovers that his sandwich is gone and there’s a trail of blood. Within that, he discovers a very bloody Penguin in a cabin. It’s the eventual team up of up and coming villains which is good especially with Theo being arrested. In what havoc that they both create together on Gotham, we will have to wait and see.

This was an overall good episode that was full of action and mind games that continues a very solid Gotham season. An interesting note and looking toward next week, you start to see the cracks within Jim Gordon even more and hopefully we get situations where we continue to push that line.


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