Gotham: S3E15: “How the Riddler Got His Name”

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From an almost three month break, the Heroes Rise story of Gotham coming off an episode that set some pretty big set pieces. Like with past Gotham seasons, when the heroes win, there is very little time for a reprieve until the next threat reveals themselves. Happiness is fleeting. This time, it’s in the form of The Riddler coming of age and realizing who he is.

Gotham as a TV show has gone through many notable incarnations of villains (Jerome/Joker, Mr. Freeze), but The Riddler has a different build. Kudos to Cory Michael Smith who has done a masterful job within the transformation. One would have thought that killing Oswald in the last episode would have given Edward some closure, but the inclusion of hallucinogenic drugs to keep an apparition of Oswald around was a nice wrinkle considering we presumed him being dead at the time.

The “drug induced” Oswald is just an embodiment of all Edward’s fears and secrets that helps to push him further to the edge of his sanity. (How about Oswald singing Amy Winehouse‘s “Wake Up Alone”?) Edward has killed six people in search for a new “mentor”, but finds solace in having Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) as an adversary. One can say that this was a fresh take pairing Lucius and Bullock (Donal Logue). Bullock acts on impulses while Fox provides the brains – a nice break from the all brawn team of Bullock and Gordon (Ben McKenzie). Fox has the mental acumen to match up with Edward’s witty riddles and ultimately saves Bullock’s life.

The Court of Owls is intertwined in two main story lines; involving both Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Jim Gordon. With Bruce, he has learned some hand-to-hand combat to defend himself, but there’s a little matter of his clone. In the beginning of the episode, you see that Kathryn (Leslie Hendrix) is basically going over the basics of Bruce’s life story for him to take his place. To be honest, how many kids can find a leather jacket with a black turtle neck?

Jim has reconvened with his uncle Frank (James Remar) to learn more about the Court and his father’s death. Frank’s intentions is to destroy The Court of Owls from the inside, but reappearing out of nowhere has a shady element to it. With Frank being between two worlds, it’s hard to know where his true intentions lie.

Where is Bruce imprisoned? Are we going down the lines of the League of Shadows? Will The Riddler actually be a mainstay amidst another impending doom like the Court?

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