Gotham: Mad City: S3E3 “Look Into My Eyes”

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The Mad Hatter

The Clone Story Line

Since Fish Mooney and Doctor Strange ran off into the night, some would say way too quickly, we needed a new villain to fill the vacuum. Meet Jervis Tetch, otherwise known as the Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel). The Mad Hatter brings another, more dangerous type of villain into the Gotham realm. Tetch, a master of hypnotism and the mind is something that Gordon and Bullock would be able to physically fight their way through initially. If you go through the comic folklore, the Mad Hatter is more synonymous with Alice In Wonderland. The TV version is more of a “boogeyman” entity. There’s a methodical creepiness to him. Alice has her connections to Indian Hill and maybe, we find out that Mad Hatter has some as well?

Jim Gordon’s life (well, love life) is a ball of confusion. There’s Valerie who is attracted to him, but it seems like their connection was nothing more than a one night thing. Lee comes back to work for the GDPD and brings along her fiancee. I’m enjoying that Jim Gordon’s bounty hunter arch and this new revelation will push him more into that respect. With a great twist, we find out that it’s non other than Mario Falcone (James Carpinello). There’s a bit of irony that the same Mario fixes Jim up at the hospital – you can cut the tension with a knife as one would anticipate that these two will butt heads over Lee somewhere down the line.

You can see that Oswald is growing stronger by the day – wielding his power by literally outgunning Mayor James and getting Edward released from Arkham. There seems like there is going to be a clear path for Oswald to become the new mayor of Gotham. However, there will probably be a day where Oswald’s transgressions will come back to haunt him. This is way too easy and like always, something will trip Oswald up. The run for mayor is a cool nod to Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.

The clone story line seems more like this is keeping Bruce Wayne busy while the main story lines play out. You could see that “five” was going to emulate the real Bruce Wayne almost immediately. Whether this gets Selena in trouble remains to be seen as we do not know what five’s real motive is yet. Is he a young version of Hush? Not too sure yet. If there’s been any difficulty with Gotham in past seasons, it’s that its been all over the place. These stories seem more uniform and more complete. Jim Gordon teeters the line between doing the right thing and giving into the darkness that’s inside him. We now have a villain that will begin to explore the psychological aspects – which in fact, might be the most unnerving.

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