Gotham: S3E6 “Follow the White Rabbit”

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All you need is love – expect in Gotham, where it becomes a big conniption of confusion and strife. Did anybody else get Dark Knight vibes by the choices that Mad Hatter was giving Jim Gordon? These are reminiscent of Batman having to make a choice either to save Harvey Dent or Rachel Dawes. Unfortunately, a lot of people died on the way to the huge climax of “Follow The White Rabbit.” The Mad Hatter is a different type of villain that makes Jim Gordon confront all of his baggage and different sides of himself. Jim cannot out muscle him – given the methodical nature of the Hatter, he will be a thorn in Jim’s side for a long time. A little Joker/Batman dynamic is at play here as well.

With the ultimate tea party, there were a few cogs that were questionable. While Jim thought he had a full proof plan in teaming up with Mario, they got outsmarted taking an unloaded gun. Also, Jim was able to turn the tables on the Hatter and create some mind games of his own about his failures about Alice. Now, we realize that at the end of the Gotham series, we will never see Batman in full tow given Bruce Wayne’s age. However, Jim Gordon is the current personification of all the scar tissue that is within the Batman character. He’s grizzled, conflicted, and has a growing darkness within himself. The “choice” will be a point of contention for weeks to come. We know that both Jim and Lee still have feelings for each other, but did Jim pick Lee because he knew Hatter would do the opposite or because he was really choosing Lee as a sacrifice?

There was a point through this where you had to believe that either Mario or someone would come and break this up – nope. Valerie was shot and her fate is currently unknown. Is there at least some light at the end of the tunnel for Jim?

The Oswald/Edward romance was teased lasted week and we got some clarity – well, from Oswald’s end. Oswald had a couple tries to tell Edward how he felt and while failing to do so – you can see why this is happening. Oswald is finally happy and in a position of power – it makes sense that Edward would be the person to share it with. Alas, in Gotham, things cannot be so easy. Edward meets a Kringle lookalike who has the same affinity for riddles as he does. Perhaps Oswald still tells Edward and it becomes an unrequited love motif that makes Penguin fully mad. There is no Bruce or Selena in this episode, but there was enough intriguing things to keep the viewer enthralled. All aspects of love in the Gotham universe are broken – and Jim…stay away from Barbara.

Main Photo Credit: Nicole Rivelli/FOX.


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315 Comments on "Gotham: S3E6 “Follow the White Rabbit”"

  1. trilete November 1, 2016 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    This was one of my favorite episodes and a strength was that it was focused, not distracted by too many stories or characters competing for time. A big plus was that there was no Bruce/Selina, etc., which is always an unwelcome aside for me.

    Excellent work by Ben McKenzie and Benedict Samuel to create a riveting dynamic. On the edge of your seats kind of stuff and you summed up some of the best with Tetch getting at Jim’s most vulnerable aspects in terms of saving a child when his own is dead, having other lives in his hands, but never in his control, whether strangers or people closer to him. I thought the Lee and Vale was no contest since a) Vale has told Jim that he’s a fling and someone she uses for info, knowing he’s so isolated that he’ll take what he can get and they barely know each other at all, and b) that it’s clear that Jim loves Lee deeply and there are still feelings that Lee is ignoring in her rush ahead. c) Interesting how Jim calls Vale by her last name and she calls him… nothing.

    It was that incredible tension and intensity between Jim and Tetch that had me right away and never let go. Jim hanging up on Tetch was a nice touch and Jim doing what he could for Lee, whether with her fiance, or by using Tetch’s own weaknesses to confuse and throw him off balance were great. Bravo to those two actors.

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