Gotham: S3E12 “Ghosts”

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Jerome is coming | Riddler's mind games

They just dropped the hit on Jim like that?

“Beware the Green-Eyed Monster” set us off into the holiday season on a cliffhanger. Given one of the strongest run of episodes since the show began, the “will Jim Gordon pay” question ended a very developed and cohesive run for who we can consider the main character. The title of the episode is fitting to what the three main story archs are dealing with – either ghosts in a thought to be paranormal senses, ghosts of pasts dealings, or people back from the past.

“Ghosts” picks up at Mario’s funeral, where now Jim is dammed for doing the right thing. Carmine Falcone is out to avenge his son and Lee may never probably forgive him. (Of course, the murder weapon is off to sea). The Jim Gordon arch is split in half this episode. On one hand, you have him trying to stay alive amidst the heavy assault from Falcone’s assassin, Zsasz or himself and Bullock trying to pry into what will be the next villain.

If you’re familiar with the Joker character, (how could you not?) you understand, especially in Gotham, that Jerome is a “force of nature.” The chaotic ethos that is continued by Dwight almost undercuts the main story line of what Jim has done. It will definitely be good to see Jerome again, but the resolution to Mario’s killing was just…done? Lee obviously still cares for Jim and it will be interesting to see if they make their way back together or if fate will separate them again.

Oswald Cobblepot is seen having a pure The Tell-Tale Heart moment where it seems like his empire is starting to crumble. Edward Nygma is showing his full Riddler colors here – complete with the mind games he’s using to destroy Edward slowly complete with Basil doing his best Dahl impression. There’s only so many skeletons you can have in your closet before the door bursts open. The eventual fall of Oswald is in motion.

Maria Kyle (Ivana Miličević) does bring some emotional depth into Selena’s character, but the Kyle’s do have their baggage that will get Bruce and Alfred into some trouble. Will this hurt Bruce and Selena’s relationship down the road – one would say absolutely. Nothing can and will ever be easy for these two.

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