Review: Old 37

7.9 Overall Score
Characters: 7/10
Story line : 7/10
Horror: 8/10

Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder pair up great | Doesn't hold back on the carnage

Story line had a little trouble with pacing


The horror genre has recently been inundated with the “found footage” style or remakes of previous classics. When it works, it works and when it doesn’t – it becomes another average film that will take up space in your respective DVR. Sometimes, you have to simplify the premise the s Old 37 makes use of every horror stereotype and prior connotation and a very bloody and entertaining way. The movie serves as a throwback to the slasher motifs of the early to late 80’s with a modern twist. Perhaps you might think twice before calling 9-1-1 or ask to check for some extra ID before it’s too late.

Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder, two of the horror genre’s heavyweights are the maniacal brothers, Jon Roy and Darryl who intercept emergency calls and dish out their deranged forms of terror. Both Moseley and Hodder do a good job in revisiting other characters that they have played in prior movies in a new setting. Moseley is the vulgar laden, witty head of operations whereas Hodder is more of the muscle as you would remember from his legendary Jason Voorhees roles. The brothers are products of a twisted family background with a father who more than set the stage for the antagonists of the movie. Jon Roy (Moseley) and Darryl (Hodder) both make use of a scrap yard that devolves into their own house of horrors. What’s impressive about the movie is that there seems to be a reliance on practical effects when a death occurs and very little on computer intonations. They make the deaths that much real and matter much more as you would see through the creative ways that are like all of your favorite slasher deaths combined.

Within the gory brew-ha-ha, there is a loose story that keeps the narrative together. You have the good looking, wealthy kids of the rural New York town who joyride on back roads and thumb down on who they perceive to be average. Jordan (Jake Robinson) is the popular guy who seeks to change his ways and Amy (Caitlin Harris) is the average girl who has been through some previous tragedies that just want to belong. Within the carnage, there is a motif about being yourself for yourself, but any attempt of a deep narrative gets a little lost in the shuffle. As it should because at face value, the movie is great at being a horror throwback.

Overall, Old 37 is a fun and heart racing horror movie with a run time of a little under an hour and a half. It establishes the premise that it wants to accomplish with a couple of tested veterans within the horror realm and the mission is completed for the most part. If you feel ill or find yourself at a physical disadvantage – “don’t worry, they are paramedics”.


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