REVIEW: Gotham: S2E12 “MR. FREEZE”

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I have to confess – I was secretly hoping for an Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo in here. Just picture it, “You’re not sending me to the cooler!” Ok, maybe not. Gotham returned from it’s mid season sabbatical and it was, a Gotham episode. There were things about it that one could absolutely love and things about it that will absolutely have you scratching your head. Thanks to Harvey Bullock, I finally know how to property pronounce Fries. (no, it’s not the editable fry)

Within the Batman universe, I always found Victor Fries to be a sympathetic villain. It’s not that he’s necessarily evil – it’s that he’s fighting a means to an end. Fries is relentlessly trying to find a cure for his wife Nora. Nathan Darrow does a good job in bringing this almost tragic character to life, but you get the feeling that it will fit into the normal run-of-the-mill story arch for the show. There’s a lot that you can extract out of a character like this, but with so many players already in the Gotham word, the fear is that Freeze is going to become a secondary player. Now, as to if he goes through his full transformation remains to be seen. (probably)

Gotham Freeze

The beginning arc with Detective Gordon and Penguin confused me a bit. We started off with the interrogation scene and Penguin all of a sudden sitting in a jail cell. Now, I would assume that Jim Gordon will have to atone for his previous sins at some point in the latter half of the season. The transitioning was kind of weird. For the most part, it looks like Gordon will be a secondary character. I’m not sure if there was a stroke of humility with Penguin turning himself in – that and immediately getting transported to Arkham. Ok, sure! Gotham may have some lapses in time. At least that let us to the best part of the episode which was B.D. Wong’s Hugo Strange.

Wong’s portrayal works simply with his dialogue and sudden glances, especially speaking with Penguin in his office. There’s an insidious side to the Wayne’s, just take a look at the end of the episode with the Indian Hill division of Wayne Enterprises. The revelation of the reanimation projects of Freeze will lead to a meeting of the minds with Strange as soon as next week. I’m definitely ok with Strange being the mastermind this half and more foreshadowing into the underbelly of Arkham. Theo Galavan is well…dead and Gotham needed a new face of fear.

There are the typical puzzling scenes, but overall, Gotham had a pretty decent reintroduction. I know that it’s hard running a show without it’s more storied character, but there may be enough to tie the two seasons of craziness together in a quantitative morsel for us to understand.


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