Selfie: S1E1″Pilot”

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Selfie is quite simply a modern day take on Lady and the Tramp. No, wait.. modern day My Fair Lady.


For the young lads out there who have no idea what either of those movies are, Lady and the Tramp is about two dogs who eat spaghetti, and My Fair Lady is about some rich guy who bets he can turn a homeless british woman into a duchess or something.

So the guy from Harold and Kumar tries to help Amy Pond stop being so incredibly #annoying by having her try to disconnect from her cell phone and have some face to face interactions. To many of you this may sound like some horror show, and you’re right, it absolutely is.

I give it two of of ten meatballs. It’s got two really great actors so maybe it will get better?

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.55.53 PM


Watch the episode now, ahead of it’s premier on Hulu

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