South Park S16E02: “Cash For Gold”

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South Park continued this week and this time targeted a common enemy of most, the dreaded “Sell your gold” scams.  I felt like this episode could have really delivered and had some really good ideas, but overall fell a little short of being great.

The episode started and gave off the impression that it was going to be one of those simple “so dumb it’s brilliant” episodes, but quickly threw in some parody.  Overall the episode felt like it was running the same joke over and over.  Yes hearing the scummy shopping network host haggle prices as the “expensive” jewelry rotates is hilarious, but that took up a bulk of the episode because it was repeated some many times.  They even had Cartman recite the “your F-ing me line” repeatedly which directly parallels the human-centipad episode, an episode that already was bashed for repeating the same joke (this joke) over and over.

The old people constantly falling for the scam was good enough but not expanded on much.  It was more frustrating to watch than funny.  This episode had hints of the weird depressive side Matt and Trey found last season in “You’re Getting Old”.  Stan’s grandpa not remembering his dog after his speech about how great and happy he was, old people not knowing whats going on and spending all their retirement money on scams, Indian children being exploited for said scams, and then the tv host offing himself.  It was all very weird.  The show wants us to laugh and is a comedy focusing on really stupid childish stuff, and then during the same episode tries stuff like this.  I was left confused.  It all feels very disjointed and strange.

The commentary in this episode was solid enough, showing off just how ridiculous the scam is and the cycle of the jewelery being created, upcharged, sold for gold, and recreated.  Unfortunately though, that was it.  The episode gave off the impression that the writer’s room probably started with the concept of “how to create gold” and the cycle, but couldn’t do much from there.  On its own its funny and clever and the scene showing off the cycle was hilarious, but once again it wasn’t expanded on.

Lastly the episode ends with a humorous back and forth between the callers and the tv host which results in him finally offing himself.  If you are reading this without watching the episode you can understand just how strange of an episode this was, especially for South Park.

Once again though, it comes down to did I laugh, and to be honest not that much.  Don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining but the quality overall was just not there this week.  Very hit and miss.


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