Spring Breakers

8.5 Overall Score
Casting: 9/10
Style/Vision: 9/10
Appeal: 8/10

This film is the exact opposite of a party movie, full of depth, aim, brilliance, and intrigue.

Art-house party films have their limitations, and - despite being nearly flawless - so does Spring Breakers.

Spring Breakers’ neon-colored poster, characterized by four girls in bikinis, makes the film look like another forgettable addition to the substance-less party genre. However, this is a mere façade of the movie’s true identity, as apart from its appearance as a party flick, Spring Breakers is much more than that. It’s a crime drama, it’s a serious character study, and it’s a vibrant, dreamy, and often disorienting atmosphere film.

While the recurring scenes of drinking, partying, and dancing can make fans of mindful cinema a bit distraught, there’s a visceral side to the film that turns the impetuous into the unforgettably brilliant. The story is simple: four college-aged girls want to go to Florida for spring break. The problem, though, is that they have no money. So, in order to both afford their vacation and enhance the “bad girl” identity that they hope to fit in with, they decide to rob a restaurant. After arriving in Florida and running into a dangerous gangster (James Franco), it’s obvious that this film is striking at a much deeper, and much more intense level that just being a fun release from reality. Instead, Spring Breakers’ realism is what makes it so fascinating.

Film Review Spring BreakersThe cast is like a Disney Channel show all-grown-up. Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine all star, and – although Gomez is the most innocent, religious of the group – the girls’ darkest, most evil sides are prevalent. Franco’s performance is extremely reputable, and even with how powerful and potent the main characters are, he somehow manages to stand above them. His portrayal of a drug-dealing gangster is nothing short of incredible.

In addition to the excellent cast, director Harmony Korine needs to get most of the honor for the movie’s overall success. His writing skills are hugely impressive, as somehow he is able to give what seem to be empty characters profuse depth and tons of clever, thought-provoking lines. In addition, the constant use of repetition and flashbacks help ingrain the film into the audience’s minds. As far as audiovisual elements go, Korine assures that everything of Spring Breakers meshes together, from the fabulous camera angles to the wondrous atmospheric settings to the dancy, yet often chilling electronic soundtrack. In fact, Spring Breakers even made me enjoy dubstep for once – a genre of music that often makes me gag.

Spring Breakers - Promo 1Spring Breakers is of the most unique, genre-defining films of the current decade. Not only does it cross multiple styles and vibes to form a colorful cinematic experience similar to that of MTV music videos and edge-of-your-seat thrillers, but it also has a profound effect on its audience. Spring Breakers has a firm vision, and thanks to its script and plot movement, its themes are immense and highly resonant. Because if the wild content isn’t enough to spark your interest, the morals make the movie – which is already surprisingly surreal and enigmatic – just that much more fascinating.


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